Description Of Wavelength Equation In Brief

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The distance between corresponding points of two consecutive waves is called wavelength. Its symbol is ‘λ’. SI unit of wavelength is a meter.

In this post, we will use this basic knowledge to calculate wavelengths by knowing the frequency and frequency using the wavelengths.

In physics and engineering, the wavelength to frequency and frequency to wavelength calculations are crucial. In this post, we will learn about all calculations related to Wavelength and frequency calculation. If you need Wavelength Equation assignment help then BookMyEssay got you covered, they provide great assignment help service at low prices.

How WaveLength And Frequency Work Together?

v = λf is a simple equation that creates a relation between wavelength and frequency,

where, v = Wave speed (Wave speed is the speed at which a wave moves),

λ = Wavelength (The length that the wave's shape repeats over),

f = Frequency (It’s the number of occurrences of an event over time).

In a vacuum, electromagnetic radiation waves travel at the speed of causality (light speed), the speed of causality is denoted by the letter ‘c’, or c = λf.

However, the wave speed of other types of waves and light passing through a medium differs. Here is a list below that contains the different wave speeds of other types of waves and light passing through a medium:

  • Speed of causality in a vacuum : 299,792,458 meters per second
  • Speed of causality in water : 224,901,000 m/s
  • Acoustic speed (Speed of sound in air) : 343.2 m/s
  • Acoustic speed in water at 20 °C temperature : 1,481 m/s

A wave's wavelength and frequency are inversely proportional. As wavelength increases, the frequency decreases. As frequency increases, wavelength decreases. While writing difficult assignments, the students often wonder “If I could ask for help from the writers to write my assignment for me free?”


Using Wavelength To Figure Out Frequency

To determine the wavelength given the frequency, rearrange the equation as follows: f = v ÷ λ.

Using the equation mentioned above, we can find the frequency of X-ray electromagnetic radiation, knowing its wavelength is 10-6 m. To Buy Assignment service the students can contact BookMyEssay.

f = v ÷ λ (v equals c because X-ray travels at the speed of light),

= c ÷ λ,

= 299792458 m/s ÷ 10-6 m,

= 3x1017 Hz,

= 300 PHz.

That means X-rays have a frequency of 300 PHz.

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A list of Wavelengths And Frequencies for Different Electromagnetic Radiations

The list given below contains wavelengths and frequencies for different electromagnetic radiations:

  1. Gamma radiation 1 pm 300 EHz
  2. X-ray 1 nm 300 PHz
  3. Ultraviolet 100 nm 3 PHz
  4. Visible light 400-700 nm 430-750 THz
  5. Infrared light 100 μm 3 THz
  6. Extremely high-frequency light (EHF) 1 mm 300 GHz
  7. Super high-frequency light (SHF) 1 cm 30 GHz
  8. Ultra-high frequency light (UHF) 1 dm 3 GHz
  9. Very high-frequency light (VHF) 10 m 30 MHz
  10. Extremely low-frequency light (ELF) 100,000 km 3 Hz

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