Relationship Between Frequency And Wavelength

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In the modern ages it is an essential to know the fundamentals of physics and science. The growing field has attracted and has always been a home for millions of students across the world. They are extremely wide and are never ending sources of knowledge. However, out of the ocean of knowledge we have carried out two droplets in the form of frequency and wavelength. We will further discuss the relationship between the two but before it becomes a necessity to understand the meaning of the two prior to jumping into the relationship among the two.

What Is Wavelength?

The distance between two adjacent sound crests from each other is measured in a form of cycled length. The distance is covered by what you call a wavelength.  The wavelength derives how the sound is travelling through mediums whether it is solid, liquid or through air. The wavelengths are drawn as curves on a graph around or over an axis parallel to x axis. The curves are formed due to the disturbance of energy caused by sound originating mediums as they create vibration while making sound. The wavelength of a wave is the distance between two sound generating mediums as mentioned above.

What Is Frequency?

Frequency pertains to the number of oscillations taken place by a wavelength while covering the distance between the two sound generating thus vibrating and energy developing objects/ devices. The SI unit of frequency is calculated into hertz (Hz). A human being can hear from 20Hz to 20,000Hz of frequency voice. In layman terms frequency stands for the number of curves a wavelength forms.

Relationship Between The Two

Wavelength and frequency are inversely proportional to each other. The higher the frequency will the lower the wavelength would be and the higher the wavelength will be, lower the frequency will be. The greater the energy would be the larger the frequency and henceforth shorter the wavelengths. After explaining the relationship between two it should be clear that the short wavelengths are more energetic than the long wavelengths due to the frequency which depends upon the oscillations. The formula of calculating the wavelength is velocity divided by the frequency i.e. frequency = wavelength divided by velocity.

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