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BookMyEssay offers superior quality Business law assignment help to students studying business law in their management courses. We also deliver assignments to law students who have to study commercial laws.

Let’s have a look at different aspects of business law on which we offer Business Law assignment writing help.

Company Law

The companies are also popularly referred as commercial laws. This is related to rights, relations, and disputes, conduct of companies, businesses, organizations, companies, and persons. It is the study of how the stakeholders like investors, employees, directors, creditors, and consumers interact with each other. The assignment writers from BookMyEssay are well-versed in other areas of commercial law, including:

  1. Corporate finance: It involves practices and methods used to raise corporate capital. Major ways to raise capital include shares & share capital or liquidation. Insider trading is often considered an integral part pf this area, but is considered illegal in some countries.
  2. Constitutional documents: These documents regulate and control an entity’s structure and defines its existence. The constitutional documents’ precise form relies mainly on the entity type we are talking about.
  3. Corporate governance: The study related to the power relations between the senior executives, board of directors, shareholders, and employees of a corporation is defined as corporate governance. Other stakeholders like consumers, creditors, community, and environment are also included in this study.
  4. Litigations: The disputes that occur between board members are referred to as litigations.
  5. Corporate crime: These are crimes committed by corporations or individuals (on behalf of business) involving violation of corporate regulations, laws, and ethical practices.
  6. Corporate balance of power: This consists the rules and regulations that are prepared to maintain a balance of power among the board of directors and other company members.
  7. Liquidations: The existence of a company is brought to an end through the process of liquidation. There are two forms of liquidations: voluntary liquidations and compulsory liquidations.
  8. Insider trading: It is the process of trading the securities like corporation’s stock by employees having access to non-public information related to a company.

These are some basic concepts related to corporate law. You can get business law assignment help for these concepts from us.

Consumer Law

The students studying business can also get assignments on consumer protection laws. The major areas of consumer protection include fair trade, airline complaints, transparency, extended warranty issues, product recall, competition issues, and anti-trust laws. Let’s have a look at consumer laws from major countries:


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commissions handles the issues faced by a consumer. The individual state consumer affairs are also responsible for it. To protect the consumers from issues related to financial products and services, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission was formed.

United Kingdom

The residents of the UK may be bound by the regulations of European Union (EU). The consumers have to complain to the Director-General of Fair Trade for their issues. The issue is then investigated or an injunction is imposed by the Office of Fair Trading. The matter can also be taken to litigation.

United States

The federal acts related to regularization of consumer affairs include:

  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Federal Food, Drug, And Cosmetic Act
  • Truth in Reporting Act
  • Fair Credit Billing Act
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

These laws are enforced by agencies like the US Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and the Food and Drug Administration.

If you have to write an assignment on a specific topic of consumer law, you can contact us for the same. We have different business law assignment writers for different countries. BookMyEssay also provides assignment help for environment laws and competition law.

Career in Business Law

The students have to study basics of business law in their business management and related courses. Scoring good marks can be quite beneficial when apply for managerial jobs in the corporate sector. There are several courses related to specialization in business law. After these courses, the individuals can work as paralegals. Working as a corporate attorney pays well. The corporate attorneys represent a company during legal dealings. They represent their respective company or client for criminal or civil cases.

Corporate counsels also have a promising career. These counsels offer advice related to business law to an organization. They are also responsible for writing legal correspondence and preparing contracts. Both corporate counsels and corporate attorneys have to pass bar examination.

Why Students Find Business Law Assignments Difficult

The very first reason is that it is an extremely vast topic. It takes time to have a strong hold on this subject. This is what makes assignment writing difficult. Also, it is not easy for some students to compile the thoughts and information into a coherent content. The students also face difficulties while preparing the paper in an academic prose style. Similarly, developing an argumentative style is not easy. These issues are commonly faced by law students, as well as those who are studying business law during their management courses. To help the business law students, we offer business law assignment help, which available at extremely affordable rates.

The BookMyEssay Advantage

The business law assignment writers are professionals from the corporate law with in-depth knowledge of commercial law. We have dedicated writer for each branch of business law. For example, if you need assignment support for competition law, we will allocate expert from this field. A lot of our writers have Ph.D. degrees related to law.

We are quite serious about the confidentiality of the students. The information of the students is not provided or sold to any third party. We also refrain from selling the assignments of our students again.

To ensure proper quality, the assignments are rechecked multiple times to ensure that there is no factual or grammatical error. This is because we understand that a small mistake related to law assignment results in poor grades.

The use of case studies helps the management assignment writers putting their arguments in an effective manner. Various management and law students have already consulted our experts for business law assignment help.

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