What do We Understand by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    2nd Jul 2020

These two terms are definitely different however some people use it as synonyms and also try to make more sales out of it by proclaiming it be an artificial intelligence. Machine learning involves the study of the computer algorithms to build computer programs that process through experience. It is one of the components of artificial intelligence and also it works with small to large data sets and churn out patterns and nuances from it. Let's take an example of Netflix, the machine algorithm in it understand what is the watching pattern , what types of series or movies are liked and accordingly it suggests you more series. Its nothing but machine learning and decoding patterns.

Artificial intelligence on the other hand is vast in its scope, it is a science that makes the computers behave in ways that until recently would have been behaved by human. The field is quite broad and vague in it nature. Artificial intelligence use considerable amount of technological advances and machine learning is just one of them. Artificial intelligence is fast and moving , what is considered great in its scope today may be dull tomorrow with new technological advancements happening. Contact the BookMyEssay team in case of machine learning and artificial intelligence assignment help.

Differences Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The acronym used as AI is for artificial intelligence and the ML is used for machine learning. In Artificial intelligence the intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire knowledge and put it to a use. Machine learning is the acquisition of the knowledge or the skills in particular. Artificial intelligence aims at increasing the success and not the accuracy part however ML is focused to improve the accuracy and just does not care or bother about the success part. AL works as a computer program and it does some smart work to get the output. ML is very simple and here the machine is responsible to take the data and learn from it so may be patterns etc. AI stimulates the natural intelligence so that it can solve those complex problems and ML on the other hand is more task based, it learns from the data on the task and uses it to improve performance on that task in the machine.

Artificial intelligence is all about decision making and machine learning is revolving around learning new thigs from the data that is available. AI mimics the human as to how they would behave in a certain situation however ML is all about creating the self-learning algorithms. AI as the name suggests is about the wisdom and about the intelligence, it aims at finding the optimal solution. ML is leading a path towards the knowledge and Machine learning will only give you solution no matter if it is an optimal one or not. Machine learning is a form of learning where there is learning on its win and no explicit programing being done. Artificial intelligence on the other hand has something man made and artificial. Contact BookMyEssay today for assignment writing help online.

Conclusion and Ending Thoughts

Machine learning is trusted on the idea that machines should learn, adapt with the experience they gain, AI is very much a broader concept which believes in machine executing & performing tasks smartly. To gain detailed understanding on how these evolved contact BookMyEssay for artificial intelligence and machine learning assignment help.


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