What Are Utilitarianism and Deontology in Business?

  General  20th Jul 2021

Before getting started with the debate of Deontology vs. Utilitarianism, we need to understand what exactly does this means. Both the terms support morality but the approaches are a bit different and they both can be used in personal as well as in professional life. In business, both the terms matter a lot to maintain a good brand value as well as maintaining the work ethics that one may have.


Utilitarianism is nothing but the term which insists to work in morality that has positive results. This term supports the idea that the result should be good and happy for people or society no matter what harm it caused. Utilitarianism in Business can work up for small tasks that have zero or a negligible amount of harm but high results that are worth having trouble with.


Deontology is a term that supports ethics. The actions are good or bad according to the rules. It states to follow the rules no matter what the outcome is. 

Both the terms are useful in business as deontology is considered very good at the personal level whereas utilitarianism is considered better for the entire organization. Both have huge effects on everyone at personal as well as at professional levels. The center of the business is always customers and society so when applying the theory of deontology, an organization or an individual should write down some rules and follow them. Even in today’s era people define business with its morality and yet it becomes very difficult sometimes to follow the ethic as time and money are important in business.

When it comes to utilitarianism, it looks after the good result no matter if it causes harm or no harm. People and society are very important in business so utilitarianism becomes very important to follow. In this case, utilitarianism has three principles that matter a lot; first – actions are good if they cause happiness and they are bad if it causes unhappiness, second – the true intrinsic value lies in happiness, third – happiness for everyone counts equally.

Some Utilitarianism Examples in Business Are,

Utilitarianism and deontology have different aspects but they both work on ethics and the terms for getting outcomes are said to be different. Both have advantages and disadvantages of their own because businesses cannot work on only one principle when there is a need for both. Well, some examples of utilitarianism in business are as follows:

Pricing Differently on Products or Services to Different Types of People Example: flight tickets Allow them to choose what that individual wants for them. Example: choosing a packet of chips of your favorite flavor. In business, utilitarianism is when you deliver safe and good products to your customers as it has the outcome of happiness for both customers and the business owners. Well, it is said that there should be a happy outcome no matter what harm or suffering it caused, and in business; the outcome also includes to have less suffering so actions should be taken accordingly to manage the outcomes. 

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