What are the Pros and Cons of Criminology as a Career?

  Assignment Help  28th Feb 2022

People with a passion for crime don't have to limit their interest in film and television - a whole field of study exists dedicated to the subject. Criminology is one such field. But what is it? How does it work? Is it for everyone? How can graduates use it to launch their careers? Investigating this fascinating field, we investigate all these questions in detail through criminology assignment help.

How Does Criminology Differ from Criminal Justice?

Even though criminology and criminal justice may appear to be synonyms to some, they are actually quite different fields of study and practice. Despite having some similarities in terms of concepts and theories, both fields are separate areas of study and practice.

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There are a Few Distinguishing Features Between the Two Disciplines:

  • Law enforcement and criminal justice are central to criminal justice. Criminology, on the other hand, examines criminal behavior and its causes, consequences, and impacts.
  • The subject of criminal justice includes investigation procedures, the collection of evidence, the arrest of criminals and the conduct of trials and sentences and punishment of criminals. In criminal psychology, researchers look at how criminals think, why they commit crimes, and how they can be prevented from committing them. Book your assignment help tutors through BookMyEssay at low prices.
  • Criminology is mainly practiced in laboratories, research centers, and social settings, while criminal justice takes place primarily in courts.
  • Law enforcement officers, lawyers, investigators, crime scene technicians, court administrators, and customs agents are careers in criminal justice. The field of criminology also includes careers such as community work, crime management, and drug enforcement.

What are the Benefits of Criminology?

The Importance of Criminology can be Explained by a Number of Factors:

  • Criminal psychology contributes to society's understanding, control, and reduction of crime. Crime research can be used to identify and analyze its causes, thus resulting in crime reduction policies and initiatives. 
  • Providing insight into the minds of criminals: Criminology helps us understand the minds of criminals, the reasons that motivate them, and the factors that influence them. By doing this, resources can be allocated effectively to combat crime.
  • Besides reducing and controlling crime, criminology can also provide recommendations for reforming criminals.

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Criminology Careers

Careers in Criminology Offer You a Wide Range of Exciting Possibilities, Including: An environmental criminologist or psychological criminologist holds at least a master's degree in criminology. Furthermore, they enhance police performance with predictive policing and community-oriented policing. Criminal scientists commonly work in universities, NGOs, legislative bodies, public-policy organizations, and research facilities. 

Psychologists: In order to become a forensic psychologist, you need to have a master's or doctoral degree in psychology, as well as an undergraduate degree in criminology. forensic psychologists can also work at both state and federal governments

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