What are the 8 Fundamentals of The Rule of Law?

  Assignment Help  3rd Jun 2020

The power of law rules everywhere. It defines that no one is inferior, no one is superior. It equally applies to everyone. Whether your country is having a monarchy or democratic country, rule of law is the same for everyone. That is the beauty of law which makes equal and gives same independence to every citizen of the country. No doubt, it is one of the most interesting subjects to learn but when it comes to writing an assignment on law subject, it becomes a hectic task for everyone. Hire Law assignment help from BookMyEssay at affordable prices.

What is the Rule of Law?

Law RuleSupremacy of Law” is another name of rule of law which means that law is equal for every single citizen living in a country. However, you can’t define the rule of law in one single line as it consists of several rules which must be followed by the citizens living in a specific country. These rules vary from country to country. In UK constitution, the rule of law means where politicians govern the people and apply rules of law to everyone. Hire assignment writing for detailed information on rule of law.  Long Bingham gave eight principles to define the essential rule of law. They are as follows.
  • Law should be clear, predictable and accessible means everybody has the full right to access the law which is clearly written on the constitution. Plus, it must be predictable to all.
  • Whatever the questions related to legal rights must be settled down by the rule of law rather than any kind of discretion. Every decision which needs legal procedures must be followed legally.
  • Law should be equal for everyone, only with one exception where objective shows differences. That means if only when objective difference justifies the legal matter, there is a slight change can be shown otherwise, it is same for everybody.
  • Minister cannot misuse their power or exceed their limits. They should proceed in their limits and work in the right manner, otherwise, legal action can take place against them.
  • Human Rights must be adequately protected with the help of rule of law. Everyone has the right to take their human rights. No one can disallow them by stopping them.
  • When people are not able to resolve their home or interpersonal matters, can take help from the law. Rule of law allows people to resolved their disputes.
  • Tribunal and Courts processes must be fair so that there is no chance of cheating. Any kind of dishonesty should not be shown while proceeding legal cases and judgements.
  • Each state must regulate with the international law.

Importance of Rules of Law

Law is the safeguard for the values and rights of human beings. If any country is deprived of rules of law, then there will be no harmony and peace. Law gives the importance to every individual which means either one is rich or poor, he deserves the same right and same opportunities in achieving life goals. Law is the foundation of every country which must be cared every moment for a peaceful environment. You can hire Academic dissertation writing help if you want to get more information regarding the law. At BookMyEssay, there are hundreds of i web professionals who are ever ready to deliver you the best Law homework help at affordable prices. Students can avail their services from any part of the world without any inconvenience. They are 24*7 available for their clients. Feel Free to visit their website.


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