Understanding the Concept of Formal Writing Style

  Assignment Help  10th Aug 2022

Today you are going to read something which is helpful for every student. Irrespective of your field, this blog will help you in learning the art of formal writing. This the name of today’s topic “Art of formal writing.” Students often get confused when it comes to writing an essay, letter, or any academic work in a formal manner. They move to formal writing style assignment help from BookMyEssay. Taking help is not bad but Hey! It would be good if you learn things yourself. There are certain rules which have to be followed while making a formal piece of writing. Today our blog will highlight those intricate areas of formal writing which never got highlighted.

What is Formal Writing Style?

Writing style is the way a writer expresses their thoughts. It includes choices in grammar and punctuation, as well as the overall tone and organization of a written piece. Style varies with the subject matter, audience and context. For example, an academic paper will have a much different style than a text message to a friend. Writing also follows a particular style guide that dictates specific grammar, punctuation and word choice—like Associated Press (AP), American Psychological Association (APA), or Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS). Regardless of the specific guidelines used, all writing can be described as either formal or informal style.

What is Informal Writing Style?

Informal writing is for everyday use. It reflects how you naturally speak and write to friends, family, and casual acquaintances. It has a more personal tone and includes contractions, slang, and figures of speech. Informal writing sounds similar to a personal conversation. Formal writing is written for an audience you don’t know on a personal level. It’s typically more complex than informal writing. Formal writing has a less personal tone and the language is more proper.

Comparison Between Formal and Informal Writing Style

In formal writing, the writer uses a more objective approach, stating main points and then supporting those points with arguments. Formal writing is less emotional in style, so it avoids things like exclamation marks and emojis.

Here are three quick rules you can follow to write in a more formal style:

  • Use proper grammar and terminology. Stay away from slang, figures of speech, and abbreviated words. For example, say “technology” instead of “tech” and “provide updates” instead of “give a rundown.”
  • Take an objective approach. Avoid the use of first person (I, we, us) and second person (you), and use third person instead (he, she, they, or the person’s name).
  • Use full words instead of contractions or acronyms. For example, instead of saying “didn’t” or “won’t” say “did not” or “will not.” Avoid acronyms unless the acronym is more commonly understood than the written out phrase, like NASA or BBC.
  • Traditional rules of formal writing style also say to use the passive voice and to make sentences longer and more complex. However, these rules are changing as it becomes more widely recognized that the passive voice and long, complex sentences make writing harder to read and understand.

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