Understanding Confounding Variables and Methods to Reduce Them

  General  19th Oct 2021

A confounding variable is a third variable that affects both the use and changes in a research study. Considering the effect of confounding variables is crucial to deliver the rationality of the results. We are known as the most reasonable and renowned Online Assignment Help in the world. So don’t be hesitate while asking us for assistance.

The Precise Definition of Confounding Variable

Also recognized as confounding aspects, confounding variables are a sort of inessential variable linked with both the dependent and independent variables of education. For a variable to qualify as a confounding variable, it should meet two criteria. These include the following.

  • There should be an association between the variable and the independent variable. It can either be a causal connection or not.
  • The dependent variable should be normally related to the variable

The Importance of Confounding Variables

Confounding variables plan an enormous role in research educations as an interior validator failing to issue the influence of confounding variables might yield dissimilar outcomes than expected, and the actual association between the variables remains unclear.

You find that states with an advanced minimum wage see a much higher number of workers. So, does the mean a higher minimum is the only cause of high employment?

It is not always the circumstance. For instance, higher employment in the state may result from healthier jobs markets and due to higher salaries. For your examination, you will need to consider the past tendencies in employment to find the impact higher wages have on service rates. Even if the cause-effect has been correctly recognized, confounding variables might cause you to over or undervalue the independent variable’s impact on the dependent one.

You find that babies born to mothers, who smoked, weighed much less when likened to the infants of non-smoking mothers. But it is also vital to account for the unwholesome habits like drinking or consuming unhealthy food that smokers frequently engage in if you want to find the decisive connection between smoking and low body weight after delivery. We always deliver Assignment Help that is designed and created by the most talented individuals.

Reducing the Impact of Confounding Variables

Few Methods Help in Reducing the Impact:

  • Restriction: The technique needed the restriction of the treatment group founded on similar characteristics of the members. It means the only subjects with an equivalent value of confounding factors are comprised in the treatment group. Just follow a simple stepwise guide to Buy Assignment Help for your betterment.
  • Matching: In this process, the sample group is designated according to similarities with the treatment/experiment collection. In simple words, each member of the similar group should have a corresponding complement with dissimilar independent variable values but the same potential confounders in the treatment group.

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