Traditional Education Vs Online Education - Should You Shift?

  academic assignment help  3rd Jun 2020

The concept of online education has grown significantly over the past few years. Now, it is no longer a novelty and certainly changing the overall brick and mortar school structure and experience structure. While many students take it as a welcome change many feel it intimidating. As more and more colleges offering online courses and even the entire program, it is necessary to understand the pros and cons that come with it. Students who often struggle to pay their bills consider the online course as the best solution as they balance their job and studies without any problem. Still, we cannot totally discredit traditional education properly. Attending a brick and mortar classroom allow students to engage with other students, develop practical skills while having a one-on-one conversation with their instructor. In short, each of these education options comes with a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. It is all about finding the right option that suits your needs.

Online Education course Vs. Traditional Education Course: Which One is Better?

Right before, you jump to the conclusion to choose among the online and traditional course, it is significant to weight the advantages and disadvantages of each option. As a student, you need to comprehend what these courses will offer you to choose the one that suits you the best. Here are some of the key factors on which you can compare the online vs traditional courses. Flexibility This is one of the crucial factors that students need to consider before enrolling themselves into a course. The online course offers flexibility to students who are struggling to manage their studies and job at the very same time. Plus, those who already committed to the family can find online courses the right solution as they are not forced to attend the classes during the specific time period. Budget When it comes to discussing the overall cost of getting a degree from a prestigious university, online courses seem like a cheaper option for many. According to the recent reports, a degree from traditional university cost around an average of $85000. On the other hand, online degree cost around $30000. These statistics indicate that online courses allow students to save more money while enjoying the flexible learning schedule. While traditional education might look expensive but the learning material and programs it offers match the cost. Instead of self-learning, brick and mortar universities offer real-time learning and experience to students. They can enjoy the facilities such as the library, school trips, dining or other learning programs. But due to the extra-curricular activities students need to ask for “Make My assignment” help. Interaction When we compare the traditional and online education programs, we cannot leave the social interaction out of the box. One of the fundamental question students need to ask themselves before enrolling themselves into the program is do I need the social interaction? Online education program often provides a platform for students to interact with other students but sometimes the virtual interaction is not enough. Traditional colleges allow students to enjoy one-on-one interaction with other students making it a great option for those who are seeking face-to-face interaction. It makes it even possible to develop direct engagement with students and instructors. They can further discuss their course in detail which will improve their performance and competence. As you can see both traditional and online education programs have their own pros and cons but no matter what you choose you would need to hire Instant academic assignment help from BookMyEssay to complete your academic writing tasks.


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