Time Series VS Cross Sectional Data

  Assignment Help  17th Oct 2022

Time series data and cross sectional data are one of the most important data calculators in the business field. It helps companies provide the content as quick as possible and therefore allows the company to form decisions based around it. Every company has different opinion on the collection and analysis of data and every type of data is collected and analyzed differently with various techniques.

The two of the most commonly used or we can say the most popular techniques of data calculation are time series and the cross sectional data. Both the techniques are different in their own way as they both possess different qualities as well as have different purposes. Don’t worry we will explain you the difference for a better understanding and a vivid clarity to help you with not just your assignment but also your current or future start up endeavors.

Time series data

Starting off with the time series data, this helps collect analyze and therefore calculate a data that is focused on the same variable over a period of time. The time series data is one such technique that is majorly focused on the observations of a single subject over the period of time. This helps companies analyze their growth or downfall by measuring their incomes and expenditures at different times. For ex. A time series data can be used for collecting the information of the GDP of a country over a few years and therefore allows the experts to calculate the differences.

Usually the time series data is used in the business application and measured into months, quarters, half yearly or per annum. Although the application which is the variable here must remain constant at all time period. This is very complex to understand and even tough to make assignments on hence BookMyEssay offers you make my assignment services for the same. 

Cross sectional data

Due to the complexities between the two BookMyEssay assists the students to avail essay outline help online with expert professionals to avoid any confusion.  The cross sectional data is different from the time series data as it collects analyses and therefore calculates data with several variables at same point of time. It is absolutely opposite to time series data as the time here is fixed and the variables here are more than just one. The weather forecast reports that we address every day or very frequently are an example of cross sectional data. This is because they are an amalgamation of different variables such as wind speed, humidity, maximum and minimum temperature all at the same point of time. This data collection technique is utilized by different companies for calculating the data of different applications running together as it helps form a firm decisions regarding the utilization on resources in the most effective and efficient manner.        

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