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The Difference Between Cost Accounting and Management Accounting

  academic assignment writing  3rd Jun 2020

One has a quantitative approach, while the other gives emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative data. The difference between the two is crucial because the users of both the systems are the internal management of the organisation. It is sometimes believed that they are one and the same thing, but they are quite different from each other in many areas. Cost accounting has a quantitative approach, while management accounting gives emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative data. Do you think the students can rely on BookMyEssay for any kind of all assignment help on Cost Accounting?

Definition of Cost Accounting

It’s may be a methodology of grouping, recording, classifying and analysing the information related to cost. The information provided by it is helpful in the decision-making process of managers. There are three major elements of cost which are material (direct amp; indirect), labour (direct amp; indirect) and overhead (Production, Office amp; Administration, Selling amp; Distribution, etc.). The main aim of cost accounting is to track the cost of production and fixed costs of the company. This data is beneficial in reducing and dominant numerous prices. It is very similar to financial accounting, but it is not reported at the end of the financial year. Do you think there are expert and efficient writers of BookMyEssay who provide 24/7 support to the students for solving queries of the accounting assignment writing help?

Definition of Management Accounting

This refers to the preparation of financial and non-financial information for the use of management of the company. It is also termed as managerial accounting. The information provided by it is helpful in making policies and strategies, budgeting, forecasting plans, making comparisons and evaluating the performance of the management. The reports produced by management accounting are used by the internal management (managers and employees) of the organisation, and so they are not reported at the end of the financial year.

Key Differences Between Cost and Management Accounting

The accounting related to the recording and analysing of cost data is cost accounting. The accounting related to the producing information which is used by management of the company is management accounting. Cost Accounting provides quantitative information only. On the contrary Management Accounting provides both quantitative and qualitative information. Will all the assignment writing help on Cost Accounting be delivered following the University guidelines as provided by the students? Cost accounting is part of Management Accounting as the information is used by the management for making decisions. The primary objective of Cost Accounting is the ascertainment of cost of producing a product, but the main object of the management accounting. is to supply data to managers for setting goals and future activity. There are specific rules and procedure for preparing cost accounting information while there are no specific rules and procedures in case of management accounting. information. The scope of Cost Accounting is limited to cost data however the Management Accounting. has a wider space of operation like tax, budgeting, planning and forecasting, analysis, etc. Cost Accounting is related to ascertainment, allocation, distribution and accounting face of cost. On the flip side, management accounting is related to impact and result facet of value. Cost Accounting stresses on short-range planning, but management accounting. focuses on long and short range planning, for which it uses high-level techniques such as probability structure, sensitive analysis etc.


Both types are a part of accounting. They are helpful in for ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the business. On the idea of the data provided by the 2 entities, various analysis are conducted. Cost accounting aims at reducing further expenditure, eliminating unneeded prices and dominant numerous prices. On the other hand management accounting aims at the planning of policies, strategy formulation setting goals, etc. Students can now park their assignment related worries with academic assignment writing experts at BookMyEssay. Offering A-listed Custom assignment help amp; Essay writing service to students worldwide, enveloping major countries like Australia, UK and USA, the site has marked its robust presence in the market. The experts working with this company are handpicked from prestigious universities and colleges and remain zealous to help students in their time of need. Working in compliance with assignment guidelines, they possess a knack of quickly winding up the work without by passing the quality standards.


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