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Sycon is a sedentary sponge that is kept under the phylum Porifera of class Calceria. Hence, the sycon classification can be done in the following way that includes its phylum, class, order, and group.

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Sycon Sponge Classification:

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Porifera
  • Class: Calcarea
  • Order: Heterocoel

The above classification is made in order of the structure and behavior of the sycon. Sycon is marine invertebrates that are generally found attached to some hard substances like rock or wood. They have an inactive life and can be seen either solitary or in the group which is termed as colonial. There are some of the specific characteristics that are displayed by this phylum and hence keep sycon under the roof of phylum Porifera. Firstly, its vase-shaped body is eye-catching and the presence of small pores in the body helps the animal perform lots of basic functions. These pores are called Ostia which open to the exterior by osculum. Besides this, every part of its body serves in one or the other way thus helping this organism in the process of adaption to the environment.

There are different types of spicules present in the animal body called monoaxon, triaxon, and tetraaxon. Besides this, the process of digestion is simple involving small and minute bacteria and protozoans. There is no well-organized digestive system, rather when there is an inflow of water in the body through Ostia, these food particles also enters the body and are used by coenocytes cells where digestion takes place. Then the thymocyte present in the animal body stores any excess material and the rest of the excretory particles get extruded from the body along with the current of water by the excurrent system. If we talk about respiration in sycon, there is a lack of specific respiratory organs and hence the process of simple diffusion is involved. Besides this, reproduction takes place in both ways: sexual as well as asexual. Sexual reproduction involves sperm and ova whereas asexual reproduction mainly takes place by the process of budding to give rise to a new sycon.

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