Strategies You Should Opt for Teaching Hearing Impaired Students

  academic assignment writing help  3rd Jun 2020

There are many inclusive teaching strategies present that help students in learning without any impairment. But, when it comes to do teaching students with hearing impairment, there are specific strategies present that are really useful. The objective of this strategy is taking alternative forms of assessment, not a short outcome and equal opportunity. The institutions are not required to lower down their standards for accommodating students having a hearing impairment, but they have to provide such students reasonable opportunity, so that, they can demonstrate clearly what they have understood and learned. Online academic assignment writing help service are also helpful here.

What You Have to Do On the First Day

  • In your course syllabus include a statement it for accommodating issues of students having hearing disability.
  • On the first day of class, allow the student to come to the front and give self-introduction.

Strategy for Teaching Sessions and Lectures

  • You need to keep the introduction simple and brief. When you are repeating instructions, do not paraphrase it, repeat it exactly the same.
  • You need to clearly define everything like the date of exam, requirements of course, when the assignments are due. You need to provide advance notice if you are making any changes in in schedule.
  • Use visual format to present lecture, such as chalkboard, PowerPoint slides, overheads, handouts, etc.
  • If possible, use only one method to explain information or demonstrate things.
  • When you are teaching, explain the objective, and summarize it at a regular interval of time.
  • Repeat questions and comments put up by other students in class. While doing so, acknowledge the student who has presented that Idea. This will help students with hearing impairment to focus on the speakers.
  • Try to motivate students in the class to get teamed up with students who does not have normal hearing ability and help them in different things like making assignments or completing homework.
  • If it is possible, provide transcripts of information you have shared in class verbally.
  • Create small groups in class, and encourage students to participate in discussion with students having any type of hearing difficulty.
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Strategy for Examination and Assignment  Making

You should give assistance regarding proofreading of written work. Focus more on ideas instead of mechanism, when you are accessing assignments and giving grades.
  • Encourage students to use the grammar assistive device or spell check if it is appropriate in your assessment method

General Strategy for Teaching Students with Hearing Impairment

  • Break information into small parts and use simple language to explain things
  • Provide them review and feedback of their study and improvement at regular interval of time.
  • Give time for direction clarification and important information
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