Sample Research Proposal with Notes

  Assignment Help  8th Dec 2022

These comments are meant to assist students in writing a solid research proposal. The first section of the notes focuses on a method that you can find helpful while composing your submission, and the second section offers an example of a proposal with annotations. You can find a sample of a research proposal on many online platforms. The purpose of the annotated example is to make it apparent what should be expected in each of the several sections of a research proposal. As with any broad guidelines, you will need to figure out how to modify the information provided here to meet the level of complexity and organizational requirements for your particular proposal.

An Initial Grouping of Concepts

I started by preliminary sorting concepts using a mind map, shown below, after feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of arguments that needed to be arranged. What I am aware of being required to be in a study proposal served as a guide for the main branches of this map. The theoretical foundation and sure of the map's components, such as the methodologies, would benefit from being developed into separate mind maps. Such maps can appear mysterious to outsiders since they must be kept relatively brief. Their primary purpose is to remind their makers. Please understand the map's contents without any more explanation. The benefit of utilizing specialized software is that if more and more ideas come to you to be added. It's simple to move things about or change the organizational structure, even though I created my original map with paper and pencil. Whenever it gets too hard for me to write, I get help from BookMyEssay to Do My Assignment for me.

Additional Structuring of the Arguments and Ideas

Next, I arranged the elements of my mental map into a logical chain of questions, each with a point or argument underneath. The issues to be made under each question were then added. The outline was progressively built up by first considering the major categories and then attempting to determine the questions to be addressed under each topic. The outcome of the initial stages of this approach is depicted below. However, I switched back and forth between constructing the argument map. When starting to write once, I wanted more about how some of my arguments were progressing.

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Construct the Proposal!

This phase entails transforming your framework into coherent, flowing writing. That will take place in stages as well. Suppose you have a general outline or map. In that case, you may write up each section when you are prepared rather than waiting until you have all the parts before you begin writing - I prefer to write when my thoughts are still fresh in my head! However, organic development on an initial plan might result in a disorganized result. So, it is frequently vital to go back and revise your strategy regularly to ensure it keeps coherent and focused.

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