Python Graph Network and How It is Used

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One of The Example of Python Graph Network We are Sharing Here

In computer science and mathematics, "graph" comprises of "nodes", which is also called as "vertices". It may or may not be linkurled with one another. In the illustration we are showing here, it is the graph pictorial representation. Here, the node "a" is linkurled with the node "c", but "a" is not linkurled with "b". The line that connects two nodes is known as edge. In case the edges present between the nodes are undirected, then the graph is called an undirected graph. One the other hand, if the edge is directed and extended from one vertex i.e. node to another, then the graph is called a directed graph. Arc is the directed edge arc. Here is the source code with an example: class Network(object): def __init__(self): self.__network_dict = {} self.__person_property = {} self.__relation_property = {} nbsp; def create_person(self): print("enter person") person = input() if person not in self.__network_dict: self.__network_dict[person] = [] #print(self.__network_dict) nbsp; def add_person_property(self, person, prop, value): if person in self.__network_dict: if person not in self.__person_property: self.__person_property[person] = {prop: value} else: self.__person_property[person].update({prop: value}) nbsp; def add_relation(self, person1, person2): if person1 and person2 in self.__network_dict: self.__network_dict[person1].append(person2) self.__network_dict[person2].append(person1) else: self.__network_dict[person1] = [person2] self.__network_dict[person2] = [person1] nbsp; def add_relation_property(self, person1, person2, prop, value): prop_set = frozenset([person1, person2]) if person1 in self.__network_dict and person2 in self.__network_dict[person1]: if prop_set not in self.__relation_property: self.__relation_property[prop_set] = {prop: value} else: self.__relation_property[prop_set].update({prop: value}) #print(self.__relation_property) nbsp; def get_person(self, name): if name in self.__network_dict: return (self.__network_dict[name]) nbsp; def friends_of_friends(self, name): # get a list of friends of friends of the person with given name friend_of_friends = [] if name in self.__network_dict: for friend in self.__network_dict[name]: friend_of_friends.append(friend) for person in self.__network_dict[friend]: friend_of_friends.append(person) #print(self.__network_dict) return list(set(friend_of_friends)) nbsp; nbsp; if __name__ == "__main__": """EXAMPLE""" network = Network() for i in range(2): network.create_person() for i in range(2): print("enter person1") person1 = input() print("enter person2") person2 = input() network.add_relation(person1,person2) print("enter persons name") print("enter person name") person1 = input() person2 = input() print("prop") prop = input() print("value") value = input() network.add_relation_property(person1, person2, prop, value) nbsp; print("enter persons name") print("enter person name") person1 = input() person2 = input() print("prop") prop = input() print("value") value = input() network.add_relation_property(person1, person2, prop, value) That is how the social network simplified model is created. We can create users easily and establish the connections between them, also add properties to both relations and users.

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