Prove That 2+2= 5

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Yes you have read it right, 2+2= 5. Don’t believe me, try it out yourself.

We are sure you must be wondering how this is possible when you have studied 2+2 = 4 your entire life, how can a basic addition can be overturned? All of this is possible in the era of budding prodigies all around the world who can now even challenge the great mathematicians like Einstein, Ramanujan and Aryabhatta. With mathematician prodigies it is not invincible to challenge the basic fundamentals, rules or even the axioms of mathematics.

We are sure you must be stuck at what is 2 plus 2 and fair enough for you as you have been forced your entire life to say 2+2= 4, but the facts are now altercated and shifted to a new paradigm. We are going to prove you that 2+2 can be = 5 by some methods that can blow your professor’s as well as your minds away. Without wasting any time let us just dive into some of these ecstatic methods.

Method 1:

We will commence with a problem solving tactic for a better understanding and to make sure we are on the same page for further methods,

We will assume

0 = 0

Here, we cannot add or subtract any no. from either sides so we will put up a random value on both for further calculations, let us take 4 and 10 for instance

Such that, 4 – 4 = 10-10

We can also write 2*2 – 2*2 = 10-10

Or we can write 2*2 – 2*2 = 2*5 – 2*5

Basically, writing the multiples of 4 and 10

Solving the equation further,

(2- 2) (2+2) = 2*5 – 2*5

(2- 2) (2+2) = 5 (2- 2)

[(2-2)\(2-2)] 2+ 2 = 5

Therefore, 2+2 = 5

Hence proved    

This was one of the simplistic methods to make you believe that the above stated heading and references have more weightage to what it looks like.

There are chances that this method may or may not convince your professor and you are left a ‘tried hero’ in front of your class. BookMyEssay has got your back as we explain you further methods in order to firm your believe and hold on to tight on to another could be axiom. BookMyEssay also offers math assignment help by expert mathematicians. You may look up to our website: for further enquiries regarding the same.

Method 2:

We will now move on with a real life example for a better and clear visualization of the problems we are solving here.

Let us suppose that you have 4 chocolate and you distributed them to kids in your locality, now you are left with none, but in a mathematical representation of the same you will do it as,

4 – 4 = 0

Let us take another consideration, where you have 5 apples and you again gave all of them to the kids in your locality, again you are left with none but represented mathematically you will draw it as

5 – 5 = 0

We can write,

0 = 0

Or, 4 – 4 = 5 – 5

We can also write it as,

4(1 -1) = 5(1-1)

Now, 4 = 5 [(1-1)/(1-1)]

2+2 = 5

Or, 2 + 2 = 2 + 2 + 1

Hence proved

This method may take your professor aback because of its simplistic approach towards proving an axiom wrong. This proves the fact that if you believe firmly you can overturn written rules of all time by just some basic mathematics out there. You may wish to perform more such methods and enjoy your bowl of popcorn while sitting on the couch. Now there is no need to get up from that couch when BookMyEssay offers you mathematics assignment help in the comfort of your home without any hassle. You can now get your mathematic assignments done flawlessly because of the expert professionals we have on board.

Let us take a fun example to lighten up the mood a little after a deep dive into mathematic calculations as we all crave for a refreshment in our lives be it in a form of a holiday or little crack jack jokes between a hustling lifestyle.

Method 3

You might have heard of the cat and monkey poem where 2 cats are fighting over a piece of bread and a monkey takes it all, this example is an inspiration from that story.

Let us suppose there is a boy who has 5 mangoes and other 2 boys are trying to fight him to snatch 2 mangoes each from him.

The boy comes up with a plan that let all 3 of us will fight with each other and whoever wins will take 4 mangoes away with him the 2 boys are trying to snatch.

The 5 mangoes are left alone and the 3 kept on fighting for the 4 mangoes, in comes the father of one of the boy who saw all 3 of them fighting with each other and decides to take away all the 5 mangoes. However they were fighting for 4 mangoes but lost out 5 mangoes and all the 3 boys incurred an equal loss. Since all the three incurred an equal loss after the 5 mangoes were gone, we can conclude that the 4 mangoes they were fighting were =5 mangoes lost. We can also say that 2 + 2 mangoes = 5 mangoes

Hence proved

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