Post Colonialism and the Rise of Postcolonial Literature

  Assignment Help  3rd Oct 2022

Let us begin with colonialism to understand the era of post colonialism. Colonialism basically means to rule the inferior by the superior. Many countries were colonialized by British or European countries. The era when the inferior countries were set free or we can say, when the colonialism was lifted is called post colonialism. During the tough times of countries trying to regroup as a financial/economical, sovereign, republic power the people of these countries were very much inclined towards literature as a leisure activity.

The post colonialism was a reference to post modernism. It means to grow towards the modern era rising from the colonialism because the word colonialism delivers an obnoxious sense.

Rise of Postcolonial Literature

During the postcolonial era the people among themselves had similar sentiments and could relate with each other which was the exact reason the literature of that era was on a rise. The postcolonial literature used to talk a lot about the problems faced by the people at that time, be it earning bread, basic attachment, human emotion, patriotism etc. people could relate to all of this. The postcolonial literature was also a hit as it had amazing and intriguing stories regarding the World War 2. It mentioned stories of great excellence of their soldiers, problems faced by soldiers during the war situation, real life events and a lot more. 

The stories included themes like racism, traumatic atrocities, migration, death and life and a lot more which developed a sense of unity against one amongst the readers and thus they were greatly influenced by such literary art pieces.

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Influential Theorists of Postcolonial Era

However the literature more or less had a same motive but different theorists had different ways of portraying their ideas. Some of these theorists were highly influential and gained huge backing by the readers for their literary works. BookMyEssay also provide assignment writing help service by such expert theorists to help you fetch good marks.

Some of these postcolonial influential theorists were:

  • Frantz Fanon: he was the first theorist to dive into the ocean of postcolonial literature and thus inspired a lot of others to also try their literary skills in the genre. He was widely famous because of his reluctance towards colonialism and his views of overcoming the wrongs of colonialism rather going through the entire process of decolonialization.
  • Edward Said: the most famous work of his ‘Oreintalism’ which gained him huge popularity was a differentiation among the people from the west and the east. The work gained huge readership in the Palestinian-American region and has become the most famous postcolonial literary art piece over the years.

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