PHP Coding Mistakes That Should Be Avoided By Every Developer

  Assignment Help,  7th Oct 2020

PHP is a server-side programming language extensively utilized for the development of dynamic & static web pages and web applications. It is very simple to build web pages using PHP; hence, it works like one trouble-free solution to create practical and functional code in hours. However, sometimes all the ease can create significant challenges for the users of this language. No matter how skilled you are with PHP programming, there are always possibilities for the myriads of errors that can occur while writing PHP codes. Even the slightest errors can do a lot of damage in the entire web development process. In such cases, the students should always consider taking PHP assignment help from the experts of BookMyEssay.

As a PHP programming learner, you should never overlook these mistakes. It is necessary to manage all the small mistakes to make your codes and final output secure, flexible, and reliable.

In this blog, we are about to present you with the most error-prone areas in PHP code that requires your attention. Want to learn more about them? Let's have a look:

Common PHP Coding Mistakes and Solutions to Them

Use Query within the Loop : The majority of times the PHP developers make add queries inside the loop. It is not wrong at all if we see it with the perspective of logical code. Now let's assume that there are 200 records and you have to call query for all of them. This means that you are requesting 200 resources from MySQL.

This kind of code will reduce the performance of the code and a huge number of MySQL resources will be not be utilized properly. Here you should always consider creating an array of the IDs and pass at once in the query. You can utilize it from the "in" query option of MySQL. It will help you gain the desired result. To get more information about this you can take PHP homework help online.

Here is an example for this:

                   $record= [];

                  if (count($ids)) {

                     $result = $link->query("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `id` IN (" . implode(',', $ids));

                             while ($row = $result->fetch_row()) {

                           $record[] = $row;


Not Using Semicolon Properly: It is suspicious how one small character can produce devastation in your PHP program. This doesn't even get reported to the PHP error logs! This means that you have to very attentive with the use of While statements and semicolons. Codeutopia has an exceptional case of this small error, displaying these critical errors don't even get notified (even to E_ALL!). These quietly slip into a silent loop.


$i = 0;

while($i< 20); {

//some code here



Ignore the semicolon after the while statement and your code is clear.

PHP Script in Views: The developers sometimes add PHP code in the View file straight to perform some actions which is wrong. You must follow the MVC architecture for writing the code. The students can use  PHP assignment help online to get assistance from the experts.

Validation and Controllers : The developers often add validation in the controller itself which is not considered good practice in PHP programming. This will leave you with a fatal error. If you want perfectly functioning codes then you must take care of the code. Do not add validations to the controller.

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