New Technologies to assist Construction Engineering

  Assignment Help   18th Aug 2021

What does a modern hydraulic excavator, cement mixing truck, nail gun, pickup truck, portable saw has in common? This equipment’s are commonly found on construction sites these days. Just imagine a construction site that has no modern equipment’s. We will push back ourselves to times when construction took ages. Construction technology has not only speeded the whole process but has brought symmetry to it. Civil engineering students have a boom of studying this technology while they can get Construction Engineering Assignment Help from BookMyEssay, academic solution providers.

The point here is advancement in construction technology has always brought construction forward. We can now construct a stronger, taller, energy efficient structures. Technology has also made the sites safer for workers. Now, complex projects can be tackled with just a snap. And students learning civil engineering can get assignment writing help just by contacting BookMyEssay online.

What is Construction Technology?

In the construction industry, construction technology can be defined as the collection of innovative tools, machinery, software etc. used during the construction of the project. It also includes automated and semi-automated construction equipment. Even pre-construction equipment is also included in this technology. New technologies for construction sites are being developed at a fast pace. Equipment’s like telematics, automated heavy equipment’s, augmented and virtual reality, robots, drones, 3D printing machinery are being deployed at jobsites all over the world.

Impact of Technology On Construction Industry

Let's look at some of the major areas where the technology has impacted and improved the construction industry:

Software and Mobile Apps: The Software and Mobile solutions help streamline the process and improve productivity. They help manage every aspect of construction. From pre-construction to scheduling, project management, field reporting to managing back office, everything is managed by software applications. Most software’s are cloud based so real time updates including better communication and collaboration is possible. These can save hundreds of hours per year, automatically organize critical files, so no more shuffling to find old files. The civil engineers have to learn this software’s to keep themselves up-to-date with new construction software’s. They can take Construction Engineering Assignment Help from BookMyEssay during the degree tenure.

Offsite Construction: This is practiced where repitititive floorplans and layouts are used like schools, hotels, apartment building, prison, dormitory etc. Offsite construction works in a controlled environment and it works similar to auto manufacturing plant. This method reduces waste and increases worker productivity.

AI and Machine Learning: With artificial intelligence and machine learning, construction firms can turn mountains of data on projects into outcomes to predict future and gain competitive edge. Civil engineering students can learn these machine learning tools and apply in the construction process. For rest they can depend on assignment writing help. AI can improve worker productivity by reducing the time wasted. Sensors installed on construction site can track the usage of material and process completed, in real time. Deep learning methods are used to identify errors in the constructions. Thus, AI components help easily identify errors put things back on track to avoid costly re-work.

Drones and Robots: Drones are used on jobsites for a quick onsite surveillance and identify potential hazards. Drones take photographs of the work in progress, create models of the jobsites to inform everyone, tackle dangerous job inspections. This needs the works to get trained in using these technologies. Students during learning construction can take help assignment writing help to get good grades without anxiety and depression. Apart from drones, robots are used at construction sites to work continuously and complete the work at faster pace. Robots are used to lift heavy bricks, mortar and can bend again and again to set bars, tiles etc.

But in both the cases well trained humans are required to manage them. Only humans know what work needs to be done by them, when to start, when to stop.


Construction technology has brought a boom in bringing roof over many heads, hospitals in rural areas, schools etc. Students need to learn latest technology to get into the new construction business. They can take help of Construction Engineering Assignment Writing Help Online to handle their exams and studies together with assignments and get good grades.

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