Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Literature Review

  Assignment Help  3rd Jun 2020

Before start up with the literature review writing first let’s know about the literature review. A literature review is not an annotated summery of an article as many people thinks it is. In true words a literature review is a search and evaluation of the literature given in your chosen subject or area. The document state the art with respect of the subject or the article you have chosen or provided with.

The Objective of the Literature Review

The main objectives behind the literature reviews are: -
  • To survey the literature in your area of the topic.
  • To synthesises the information given in the subject into a well-written summary.
  • To present the literature on the subject in a proper way.
A literature review shows that you have an in-depth grasp of your given subject and are fully aware its facts. It also make sure you understand it completely making your research fits into the existing body of agreed knowledge. Even after knowing these facts many doctoral students still make mistakes while writing a literature review. In case if a student need help to write literature review there are so many online platforms like BookMyEssay to provide students with literature review writing help. Here are 3 main categories of literature review errors a student should avoid during literature review writing.

Writing and Stylistic Issues

It is often seen that when writing a literature review many students face writing and stylistic issues such as: -
  • Using wrong phrases: - when you are working on a literature review make sure to avoid wrong phrases although it is a minor issue people make it all too often. Remember when you are writing a literature review your purpose is to present the existing thoughts on your topic or subject. This means you are only relying on the existing research you have done on your topic.
  • Giving too much personal opinions: - although, you are allowed to give opinion while writing the literature review you still should not use emotional phrases or put too much personal opinion in it. The literature review should an unbiased display of already existing thoughts and current researches you have done around the topic. An idle literature should be objective and never be subjective.
  • Unwittingly plagiarism issues: -as you know it is common to face plagiarism issues while writing the literature review as people tend to copy write style of existing content on the internet. Although apart from the plagiarism issues which could be easily fixed there are several that need your attention like unjustified claims and no reference page number for direct quotations.
When writing literature review students make many unjustified claims. It is most common in students who are pursuing their doctoral.  While writing the literature review you should be very careful when it comes to making claims. No matter what the claim and information you have used always make sure to mention reference of it in your review.

Issues with Literature Review Structure

This issue occurs a lot while writing literature review as many students forget ton insert pre-literature review section in the document. The pre-literature review section contains relevant background information and key definition of the term used in the literature review. In case if you do not define the terms used in the review or background information will make a huge number of readers feel isolated with your literature review.
  • Bad structure: - this is perhaps the most common issues and could be seen in many literature reviews. This could make doctoral students to rewrite and structure many parts of the review. To prevent this you can use subheadings and after that organize your literature or you can visit our to hire expert writers to help you through literature review writing.
  • Validity issues: - it has been observed that too many doctoral students write their literature review in general terms rather than writing on the focused topics or subtopics. Sometimes the results in the literature review are too general and do not match with the current researches of the topic.
Now you know about common mistakes and how to avoid them while writing a literature review. In case if you are still facing issues and are in need of custom essay writing, dissertation writing service then you can visit there to hire professional academic writers to help you out.


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