List of Top 5 Upright Dilemmas Prevailing in Artificial Intelligence

  Assignment Help   16th Dec 2020

Artificial Intelligence is a modern reformation in the technology industry. But nobody understands precisely how will continue to develop in the future. While some claim that AI will be regulated and controlled otherwise robots might conquer the whole world. Artificial intelligence is that phase of technology that is all set to improve the quality of human life. 

It could even make them more advanced species. But nobody knows what the future holds. The students studying this branch of technology can take artificial intelligence assignment help from the experts of BookMyEssay to get complete information on any topic related to this. We all are witnessing how the current tech giants are working hard to utilize artificial intelligence to its maximum potential and that is not easy at all. There are innumerable ethical issues that still need to be addressed.

Potential Ethical Dilemmas Occurring with Artificial Intelligence

Unemployment: Is Artificial Intelligence Ending jobs?

The regime of labor is disturbed principally with all the automation. As we’ve developed approaches to automating operations, it is possible to build a room for people to understand more complicated tasks. One another problem associated with job loss is wealth and inequality. Consider that most advanced economic practices need workers to produce a product or service with their payment based on an hourly wage. The businesses pay salaries, taxes, and manage other costs, with left-overs being inserted back into production for maximum profitability. This scenario continues to expand.

Will Artificial Intelligence Remains in Human Control?

At present, human beings are the assertive species on Earth. But what if Artificial Intelligence takes over and becomes more profound than Human Beings? This is scenario is known as “technological singularity.” There are possibilities of that but ultimately humans are superior and if AI would be able to surpass them then humans can potentially destroy it. You can get complete information about this by taking assignment writing help online.

Is it possible to Handle Mistakes Caused by Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is all set to be super-intelligence in upcoming years but at present it is basic! Many common mistakes occur with artificial intelligence and humans are there to handle them all. Artificial intelligence is not perfect at all. For example, IBM Watson tied up with Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to discover and ultimately destroy cancer in patients. But this was the time when the AI system collapsed horribly. It could have given completely wrong medicine recommendations to patients. So, we can say that for now, AI will make complicated mistakes but the future will be better.

Concluding Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence indeed has enormous potential, and its practical implementation is upon us. There could be endless number of challenges that will come with AI. Are you asking who can make my assignment? Here is the solution.

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