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Computer Network: It is a telecommunications network which gives the permission to computer to exchange the data with other computers. With the help of computer network, we can connect the various computers to each other. All the connected computers can exchange the data and information to each other perfectly without any failure. All the computers are connected with the help of main computer which is known as a hub. All the computers are connected with each other with the help of cables. With the help of computer network, we can make our work easy and simple. Here we are writing about the complete information related to a computer network in our Computer Network assignment help to the students.

To Set Up a Computer Network, We Need to Do These Tasks:

  • Network Design: You need to make a complete and perfect network design to get the positive result.
  • Server setup: To connect the many computers to each other, you need to make server because it delivers the entire permissions to other connected computers.
  • Server Upgrades: To get the best result in computer network, you need to upgrade the server according to the requirements.
  • Software Implementation: Then you need to install the software which you required to complete your work.
  • Network firewall: This is the main and necessary step to get the best result. In this step you need to use the entire security methods which helps you to secure your data.
  • File Recovery: This is also necessary step because it stores your data completely.

Let’s have a look on advantages of Computer network:

  • Convenient resource sharing: With the help of computer networking, we get the best and advance method to share our data and files o others. All the data share by the computer are completely secure. Computer Network deliver the best an advance method to share the information to others without any failure.
  • The easy way to share: All the computers are connected with the help of cables to each other. With the help of networking, we can exchange the important information to other employees easily. Here we can share the files, presentation and other important documents easily. We can connect the computer in a building, office with the help of networking.
  • Flexibility: Computer networking is the advance and flexible method that delivers the best and reliable way to explore the everything related to the particular software without affecting any other function.
  • Easily Affordable: We can easily use the computer networking to get the advance and best result. To set a computer networking to grow your business is easily affordable. We can easily arrange the set up of the computer networking in a business.
  • Advance Storage Capacity: With the help of computer networking, we get the large storage capacity to store the data. We can share the important documents and files to others which are automatically saved in the computer with the help of computer networking.
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