Key Areas for Application of Linear Programming Methods

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Linear programming is playing a critical role in the field of data science and technology. It is used for performing the right optimization in the simplest way which is the key to enhance productivity. This post is all about exploring the key areas for the applications of linear programming. Moreover, the students who are already pursuing their career in this field can take homework and assignment help on Linear Programming from BookMyEssay. Before moving further, let’s begin by understanding what it actually is?

Overview of Linear Programming

The word “linear programming” consists of two words “linear” and “programming”. The word “linear” represents the relationship between two variables. The other word “programming” means planning. It is the selection process that determines the best alternatives. This is why is it is defined as the mathematical technique that is used for allocating resources to the maximum potential. The linear programming methods are applied in various areas.

Applications of Linear Programming in Practical World

Food and Agriculture: Linear programming methods are very useful in the field of food and agriculture. The farmer uses linear programming techniques to determine various things about their work. To increase the revenue of their crops they determine what crops they should grow, the quantity and how to use everything efficiently to drive maximum revenue from it. Along with that, the linear programming is also a useful tool to plan the dietary requirements. The mathematical models are used to calculate the food needs sufficient for providing nutrition. Application of linear programming in engineering: The linear programming is also used by the engineers. Some of its examples are aerodynamic shape optimization, airfoil meshes, etc.  It is utilized to solve designs and manufacturing issues. It is considered as one of the essential tools for shape optimization. Transport Industry: The transportation systems also depend upon linear programming for maintaining the efficiency of cost and time. Many means of transportation like buses and trains rely on the linear programming methods for scheduling the travel timings and the management of passengers. Even in the aviation industry, pilots use linear programming for scheduling and routes. The optimization done by these methods increase the efficiency and it also decreases the expenses. Manufacturing industry: The manufacturing industry transforms the raw material into the finished products for the consumers. Every step involved in the manufacturing process is should be done properly to reach the goal. To maximize the profit the companies often use the linear expression to find accurate details about the raw material that should be used in manufacturing. The Energy sector: linear programming also offers the method used for optimizing the electric power system design. It is used for various purposes like electric load management, distributing lines, generators and transmission storage, etc. In the energy industry, linear programming is used to calculating and matching the time the electric load in minimum distance between generation and electricity. Linear programming has a huge scope with vast applications. The students who want to acquire more information about any topic related to this topic can approach the experts of BookMyEssay. You can get linear programming assignment help in Canberra from this company. Instead of thinking “who can do my assignment for me?” call them today for hassle-free solutions.


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