The Introduction, Evaluation and the Scope of International Law

  Assignment Help  3rd Jun 2020

In this age of globalization, collaboration and equality no country can have an independent existence. All of the countries are depending on each other in one way or another. This has opened the new door of opportunities for the business owners who have outgrown themselves and now want to take their business on the international level. The laws which regulate the dealing of the countries are known as the international laws.

Definition of the International Law?

The definition of the international law differs from one to another. In the word of R.N. Gilchrist, the international law refers to those rules which a civilized state observes while dealing with the organization from the foreign land. These rules are altered by the particular state on the accord of its own. Also Read Here: Tips to Have a Better Understanding of International Law

Evolution of International Business Law and Taxation

The reason behind the development of the international law is the growth of international relations among the countries. Let’s read about the evolution of the international business and taxation law to know more. Before the time of the Christ, the Greek and the Phoenician are the early traders who have set down some rules of trade. Few years after China emergence the international integrated trading system. At the beginning of the 17 century, British East India Company, Dutch East India Company, Portugal and France brought the era of mercantilism into the view. Students who hearing this term for the first time can hire international Business Law assignment help from BookMyEssay to know more. China who was the leading manufacturer for 1800 years replaced by the British in 1840. Fast forwarding to 1930 when the US passed the Smooth-Hawley Act. Due to this act the govt. increase in import taxes to reduce the quantity of the goods coming to the domestic market. The result of this was a worldwide depression. After the collapse of the worldwide financial system, the world nation felt the need for the international business corporation. We are all aware of the fact that after the globalization, countries have expanded the tax competitions to attract investments all around the world.  But several issues start arising after the introduction of the tax competition. At on side from the view of literature, there is no harm of international competition as countries are doing it as an attempt to attract the international investment. While on the other hand local government have found themselves at the loss of tax revenue as the tax rate was equal to the market price. Students who have worked on the international Law Assignment are aware of the evolution of the international business law and the taxation issues faced by the business owners. There is the huge scope of international tax law as business organizations will be always in need of professionals who can handle taxation rules and regulations involved in the international business. Here is the list of top six ideal countries who offers the master in the international law:
  • Switzerland
  • The Netherlands
  • The United States
  • Austria
  • Spain
  • South Africa
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