International Students Abroad – How To Enjoy Christmas?

  academic assignment help  3rd Jun 2020

What Are the Problems Faced by Students while studying abroad?

There are different problems and challenges faced by students abroad. These may relate to academics, culture, residence and what not. Some of the problems are discussed below, but we want let you know that you can get assignment writing help by BookMyEssay to come out from such issues:
  • Homesickness: This is the most common problem faced by all students studying abroad. You miss your family, friends, siblings and your favourite stuff left at home. Thanks to technological advances your phone or laptop will get back your family and friends with you.
  • Getting lost: New places are not learnt easily. The students often get lost in the streets. It is better to have a sketch or plan of the city along with extra cash in your pocket every time you get out. Learn some local language phrases asking for help.
  • Running low on money: No matter the students save money for the rainy day while studying, emergency situations demanding cash may arise at any time. Put some cash aside in the hands of your parents back home so that they will transfer it to you quickly.
  • Problems with time zone: It is very difficult to adjust between the two different time zones. For example if you are from India and studying in USA, you have to make call to your bank at 2 am in the morning because there the working hours are going on.
  • Cultural or language barriers: This problem is also very common. You have difficulty to interact with local people who cannot understand English. So learn some local phrases and get along.

Different ways to Celebrate Christmas Abroad:

  • Spending time with friends on Campus: You are not alone in the campus. There are many international students staying back in the vacations. Spend time with these friends from different countries. You will have lot to learn. You will help each other get rid of homesickness.
  • Staying with a friend on Christmas Eve: When you are staying with a family who celebrates Christmas or you have a local friend who celebrates Christmas, join them and enjoy preparations, dinner, cultural know how and a lot more.
  • Sharing your Christmas traditions: Christmas is celebrated differently in different parts of the world. You can share your experience of celebrating Christmas with the people at new place. Traditional food, traditional dresses and traditional songs can be shared.
  • Going on a vacation: Christmas celebrations at major cities are worth watching. Go to some snowy hill station or a major city tour. You will enjoy every moment there. Be a part of the celebrations. While studying in Europe, you will not have visa restrictions to visit any of the European country.
  • Volunteering at a homeless shelter: Sharing your time with the homeless people on streets will make you feel less lonely. For these people, a bed and a hot meal is the best Christmas gift. If you don’t have anyone to spend Christmas with you can share your time and charity with these people.

How can you have Assignment Writing Help from Professionals?

International students find it quite difficult to adjust in the new country, its culture, its people and of course its environment. There are various problems faced by the students especially at the time of festive seasons. BookMyEssay not only cater to the needs of students in their assignment writing but also help them in adjusting to the new surroundings. It regularly gives tips for essay writing and assignment writing, courses and the accommodation to international students. We also informs about the cultural background and other criteria necessary for living. Academic Assignment Help is at its best at BookMyEssay.


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