How to Teach Chemical Engineering through Computer Games

    26th Nov 2020

It is a result of several researches and findings that the logic of chemical engineering can be tough using a specific computer game which seems to be interactive and consisting of problem solving features. A team of chemists and pedagogists explore the idea of using a computer game named Minecraft as a means of teaching chemistry. By using this strategy it can be hoped that they might also broaden peoples understanding of the chemical industry along with the benefits that it brings. For understanding the features of chemical engineering the problem solving and interactive features of the games are used. To access Chemical Engineering Assignment Help the student can refers to the official website of BookMyEssay.

Gaming Strategy that Influences the Learning of Chemical Engineering

The programmers are able to connect with the players in an entertaining way to set a chemical engineering based challenge by using the inactive and problem solving features of the games. It also educate them on the chemical processes and how the chemicals are used for making the everyday products. By studying several journals it has been found that there are certain video games that offer an attractive educational platform as they are design to be fun and engaging. The writers of our company are highly knowledgeable in presenting the contents of Chemical Engineering assignment help.

These are opposing to traditional approaches of teaching through several assignments and lectures. Through the several challenges in the game one can have a clear understanding of the elements, compounds and chemical processes. The game named ‘Polycraft World’ has been developed as a result of this process where the players meet the goals of building a pogo stick by first harvesting and then processing the rubber. The contents of Chemical Engineering assignment help are available at our website 24X7 for the necessity of the students.

What is the Role of Players in Understanding Chemical Processes?

The players are guided by the instructions that are built into the mod for the game even along with the wiki website that advices the players on the required chemical applications and chemistry. As an instance for understanding the chemical process by converting the crude oil into jet pack fuel with the use of the chemical synthesis, distillation, and manufacturing processes. The players can freely return to the wiki website for any advice they never required. Several experiment are conducted which shows that the players naturally retain information about chemistry and manufacturing processes simply through the game play. The students can access Chemical engineering assignment help at a cost friendly budget any time from our website.

Challenges for Designing Game for Understanding Chemistry

The game designers often face real challenges in designing the game in setting the difficulty level correctly. On most of the cases as per the experiments specifically the game time lasted only for one hour a week. The difficulty level of the game needs to be set on correct order for making it addicting, compelling, and engaging too. The mode of the game needs to give its accuracy as a chemistry teaching tool. While writing difficult assignments the students might often wonder that if “I could ask an expert to do my homework for me accurately?”

How do Students Improve with BookMyEssay?

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