How to Properly Utilize Endnotes and Footnotes in Academic Writing

    6th Dec 2022

Notes, whether they be endnotes or footnotes, are an important auxiliary. They generally provide additional information, which, if included in the main text, may make it more difficult to understand. Read the whole article to understand the difference between footnote and endnote.

Endnotes Versus Footnotes

  • Location: By definition, we write footnotes below the text. You will find the endnotes of a paper, chapter, or book in the footnotes.
  • Space: Endnotes, found directly after the text, are given significantly more room than footnotes, located at the bottom of each page, and thus bound by the amount of space available.
  • Amount of information (and flow): The previous explanation of space helps readers know what to expect. You can read the informational nuggets in the footnotes without stopping reading. We can quickly scan anything and return to the primary information on the same page. However, even though endnotes occasionally contain a significant amount of information, we are not required to put the main text on hold to access them. We can choose to read them once we reach the document's conclusion.

Notes: Illustrations

As was said, footnotes are tidbits of information that may be quickly read. Here are a few instances that demonstrate how footnotes work. BookMyEssay has All Assignment Help services.

  • You may mention an organization's name in a text.
  • It would be best if you use a footnote to clarify that the organization formerly went by a different name.
  • If you mention a given amount of money in the text in Korean Won, the footnotes will show an equal amount in US dollars.

Notes at The end: Examples

Endnotes may include significantly larger chunks of information, as was also said. Here are a few more examples that show how to utilize endnotes.

  • While it may mention a specific approach in the main text, it might use an endnote to go into more depth about some other tangential studies that employed that method, the outcomes they achieved, and why this may be of interest. These studies could be from a somewhat different area.
  • The whole paragraph or section from which you might include a significant quote in a linked endnote allows readers to examine the broader context and further insights.

Application in Academic Papers and Digital Data

However, research articles in the physical and biological sciences almost always utilize endnotes or footnotes, particularly endnotes. They may sometimes be used in the social sciences, although we employ them more often in the humanities.

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Because the supplementary information may be linked to the main text using hyperlinks in digital documents, the difference between endnotes and footnotes and where they are placed is less crucial.


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