How to Factor a Trinomial in 3 Easy Steps

  Assignment Help  11th Oct 2022

All the math students, it is time to draw your attention towards a question that is the reason for your sleepless nights. The importance of factoring a trinomial is extremely high when it comes to having algebra skills. Algebra with a lot of formulas and deriviations gives rise to trinomials. Keeping the importance aside, it becomes extremely tricky for a student to remember all these formulas and apply them at the right place while solving an equation for the trinomial.

The mathematicians of BookMyEssay have laid down certain techniques to make these calculations easy and fun for you. This is basically a three step process. Let us just dive into it without wasting any more time.


We have studied polynomials and we also use them in our daily lives, a trinomial is same as a polynomial with just three different terms, as the name suggests. The first term is an x^2 and the second term is x, the third term remains constant i.e. a number. The best assignment helper BookMyEssay has explained trinomials with an example given below:

An algeabric expression of trinomial would ax*2+bx+c

Here, a = x^2

b = x

c = 2, a constant number

Let us understand with a numeric example,

1x*2 + 5x + 6

Here, a = 1, because the coefficient cannot be written as x^2

b = 5

c = 6

Now let us explain factoring the trinomial

Let say, x^2 + 6x + 8

Here we know that

A= 1



Now we must add two numbers to b that will multiply to c.

Let us take the factors that will be,

4 $ 2

Because, 4+2=6 and 4*2=8

So 6= b

And 8=c

We can also write,

4+2 = b


Now, we must check the factors of the number picked

i.e. (x+2) and (x+4)

hence, the trinomial becomes

x^2 +6x + 8

This is how our expert professional factors the trinomial calculator. BookMyEssay’s mathematicians provide you easiest of examples for a better understanding and therefore enhancing your grasping power. You can always resort to BookMyEssay for more such queries as we also provide academic writing guidance all across the globe for students as well as working professionals. Our web of networks and experts ensure the best possible experience for you by providing a high quality content and supreme guidance for a better understanding. The guidance by our experts fetches you good grades and assure significant improvement in your academic chart.

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