How Did the Area of the Equilateral Triangle Evolve?

  Assignment Help  27th Jul 2021

In the subject of mathematics, triangles are the main subject of interest for researchers as they have researched about it many more times. Through this method, you will get to know the easiest ways to know the Area of An Equilateral Triangle. Anyways, triangles are polygons that consist of three sides that can be of equal or an unequal length. There are many types of triangles based on their different lengths and their angles. The triangles can be classified into three types based on their lengths such as equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, and scalene triangle.

Based on their Angle's Triangles can be classified into three more types such as:

  • Acute-angled,
  • Right-angled,
  • Obtuse-angles triangle

In terms of length, the triangle with all the sides of different lengths is scalene, the one with two equal lengths is the isosceles triangle and the other with equal sides and lengths is equilateral triangles. In terms of angles, the total of all the angles in the triangle should be 180°. In any triangle, if the angle is less than 90° then it is termed as acute angle whereas the angle with more than 90° is obtuse angle and the angle with 90° is a right angle. While calculating the equilateral triangle area, the angles have a significant role to play. 

Among these, several types of research have been done on the right-angle triangle as a result many revolutionary theories have been made like Pythagoras theorem due to which a new subject called trigonometry has been derived. 

In Maths, it is Euclid who has done many revolutionary types of research on equilateral triangles. Equilateral triangles had the prominence of the pyramids in history. Well, the equilateral triangle area formula is mainly based on the multiplication of the length of the height with half of its base. However, many methods can be used to calculate the area of equilateral triangles based on their features and characteristics. While calculating, length and base are considered important. Base in the bottom length of the side of the triangle while the side is the perpendicular distance calculated from the opposite point of the side. In a right-angled equilateral triangle, the complexity is vanished by half as the height is the other side of the triangle. After calculating the area, it should be represented as the square root.

There's one more method of calculating the area which is considered to be the easiest and it is calculated with the help of variables because the sides of the equilateral triangles are the same. 

To find the perimeter of the equilateral triangle, here length is multiplied by three because all the three sides are considered to be equal. Since all the angles of this triangle are 60°, they are considered to be an acute-angled triangle. Well, to find the area, there are different parameters as well to consider like angles and length. 

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