Have a Look About in What way to Write a Topic Sentence?

  Assignment Help  19th Sep 2022

If you’re little bit confused about your topic sentence assignment so don’t worry, we are here to solve your problem. As we all know that topic sentence, usually determine your first sentence in a paragraph,it  introduces the main idea of ​​your writing paragraph and also sets its tone. A topic sentence is very very crucial part in essays, where topics change from paragraph to paragraph.  It knows how to write important topic sentences for any student or writer.

 There are many questions in your mind Of course, it's not always easy to write the topic sentence yourself.  Like How to write a topic sentence in an essay? How do you start one?  What details should you include—or shouldn't?  Then have a quick guide with BookMyEssay because it tells you all about how to write a topic sentence, with plenty of examples scattered throughout.

Let’s find out how to Write a Strong Subject Sentence

  • In the first step you have to Place a thesis statement. You need to know what your paper or essay is about in order to determine the topic sentences. Before writing, prepare a thesis statement.
  • And next you should Prepare your paper outline. Create a roadmap for your essay writing so that you know how each paragraph will support your thesis statement and the evidence you will include in each paragraph.
  • Always very clear and consistent about your topic. A topic sentence should be very clear and easy to understand so that the reader knows the main idea of ​​ paragraph and what you want to say.
  • And in the last Be simple and in your words because Your topic sentence should be specific enough that you can devote a few sentences to supporting your topic sentence.

Here's are some examples of Topic sentence

 Now that you know the main parts of a topic sentence, let's look at how they look in different subjects.  Note that each example includes both subject and control considerations.

 Subject Sentence: There are many possible contributing factors to global warming.

 The theme is "Global Warming" and the controlling consideration is "Contributing Factors".

 Subject Sentence: Dogs make wonderful pets because they help you live longer.

 The theme is "Dogs Make Wonderful Pets" and the idea of ​​control is "Because They Help You Live Longer."

 Subject Sentence: Crime in poverty-stricken areas results from systemic discrimination.

 The theme is "crime in poverty-stricken areas" and the idea of ​​control is "systemic discrimination".

Let’s talk about the Purpose of Topic Sentence

 If we are talking about so it’s simply presented the main idea of ​​the paragraph so that the essay reader knows what to expect. Therefore, the best subject sentences do a little more. First, topic sentences string the paragraphs together in a manner that moves well and facilitates his reading. Then Moving from one paragraph to the next can feel jarring and abrupt, so topic sentences help maintain the flow of the overall piece of your essay writing and keep readers focused as a result.

 In addition, topic sentences also "preview" what the reader can expect from the rest of the paragraph.

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