A Glimpse to Project Management Methodologies and its Variations

    3rd Jun 2020

Project Management is an organized way to describe the core facts about the project management. In this way you can simply defines the goals and marks of the project easily. This is the modest and easiest way to describe the whole planning to complete the project on given time. To get the best result in the project Management we use various methodologies. Our experts also writing the best assignment help for the students. Our experts writing the best information about the various methodologies of the Project Management in the Project Management Assignment help. We are helping the students with our expert’s team by offering the best Project Management assignment help at lowest cost. Here we are writing about the various methodologies related to the project management.

  • Waterfall Method: This is the simplest and easiest method to complete the project with positive result. In this method, project leader tells about the various requirements, various strategies of the project to the other team members. With the help of this method, we get the complete result in term of completion of the project in proper sequence. Here all the steps check and compare with the actual planning. All the test is completely done by the project head. The person is responsible for the complete result. Once the project entire project is ready to execute then the management implements the entire strategies of the project. After that management assigns the complete task to the project manager.
  • Agile Project Management: In this methodology, the entire management is completely focused on flexibility to change the current situation and constant on the basis of the feedback. After completing the step, management compare the project result with actual result. If they receive the correct result then they continue with the same plan. If the result is not correct then they execute another plan according to the project. The main goal of this methodology is to get the accurate result according to the client satisfaction.
  • Critical chain: It is different from above two project management methods. Because in this method, entire focus is based on the task schedule and result. It is mainly used as a saver of the project management. In which management always prepared to solve the critical situation that comes while execution. In this management wants to complete the project in given time with positive result.
  • PRISM: It is also known as project integrating sustainable method. It is an advance method which took environment factors into account while being a repeatable, effecient process that could simply be incorporated into different large-scale projects. It is mainly used to complete the large scale of the projects which needs the high attention to get perfection.
  • PRINCE 2: It is a government-endorsed method which is released by the UK Government. It is completely process oriented method. In this method, you need to divide the project into various small stages. Every stage has its rule and regulation to complete the process. Here you will get the positive result from every phase because it completely works according to the pre-defined plan.
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