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We are providing the best academic dissertation assignment for all those students who are looking for best services. We are getting massive numbers of request for dissertation help, students need this help to get the good marks. All the grades are reliant on these assignments. Academic Dissertation and thesis writing is not a simple task for everyone. It takes lots of time and energy. Our team is prepared to support by offering the best quality academic dissertation help at the lowest price. Our database is collected from various well educated and experienced experts. Our experts define this data in the Dissertation writing help for student’s best future. Table of Content:  To represent a good dissertation, you require detailed table contents that contain the lists and headings and number of pages of every section. To give the best way, you need to scroll the document making notes of every section. These notes contain the detailed information about topics, headings, page numbers etc. When you make this document properly then you need to make a table content in simple and easy words. You need to follow some steps: You need to use the cursor at the start of the document where you want to put the table of content.

  • You need to click the reference tab
  • Need to select the Tables of content
  • Need to select a style
This is the simple and easy method to get the positive result. You can easily generate the table of content by using various level of headings that you can easily define when you set up your main outline. You can also make the changes in these content by using the different style and font as well as color also. Inserting Captions:  When you insert a Table of content than another task, how to include a list of table and figure in it.  We know that it is not a simple task for students, to get the best result you need to use a specific task to add the label. You can also insert various tables and figures in the word.
  • Click on the reference tab than click on insert Caption.
  • Then select the label then press OK
List Creation: After adding the figure and table you need to create a list that is very simple and easy task.
  • Click the reference tab
  • Then you need to click “Insert Table of figure
  • Select a capital label
  • Click OK
Update: After adding the list and table then another task is to update the table.
  • You need to click anywhere on the list
  • Then click update table.
Cross-Referencing: This function allows you to linkurl back to other paragraphs, tables, and various figures.
    • Need to click on Reference tab.
    • Then you need to select the Cross-Referencing button.

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