Educational Streams play significant Role in Succeeding – Choose Them Wisely

  Assignment Help  3rd Jun 2020

What is Education?

Education is the process of simple and clearer steps of learning, or a process of acquisition of knowledge, moral values, beliefs, skills and habits. Education is the continuous process of transferring informative knowledge, abilities, values and skills from one generation to another, from one person to another. Education is the first step towards the civilization and culture.

Why Education is Must for All?

Education decides the development directions of the countries and even of the world. If the people of a country are well educated, the country will lead towards the fast development of various resources like human, raw materials, technologies etc. There are varied reasons for attaining or gaining education such as to maintain one’s social and financial life intact. The main aim of basic education is to differentiate between good and bad aspects of the life and act rightly on these aspects. An important and foremost purpose of education is to reduce poverty, unemployment, difference between rich and poor. It helps in developing and maintaining strong society. Today’s world is the world of advancement, technologies and invention so every person must be well educated to deal with this competitive world. With the help of education, people become confident about their skills and personality which in return gives very good results in development of healthier society and nation.

How to Choose Educational Streams for Career Option?

Choosing educational stream after basic education is a very difficult task for the students. Educational streams play a very important role in career deciding. There are basically three streams of education such as science, commerce and humanities. The careers or profession are varied and different for all these three streams. One should always take in consideration some few points while going for educational streams as these are considered the base in career deciding: -
  • Choose the area of your interest – Every student has a subject of hisher preference. After many researches, it is found that student score best in hisher favourite subject. So, if a student chooses a stream based on hisher interest then, heshe can score better and able to choosecareer or profession confidently and wisely.
  • Consideration of Financial feasibility – Always consider your financial feasibility while choosing your stream and education. Some of it need huge amount for completion to make it your profession while other need lesser amount.
  • Always estimate future prospect – Students should always evaluate the future aspects of careers while choosing educational stream. Sometimes, some students are best doer in many subjects as a result, he has many options in relation to educational stream. So, heshe should go with the option which has varied range of career options in future. Heshe must evaluate the prospects of available streams.

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