Discovering the Unknown History of Halloween Activities

  academic assignment writing services  3rd Jun 2020

Happy Halloween!! Can you believe October is about to end? Soon this year will be gone. Time indeed flies! But the good news is that Halloween is here!!! People all across the globe are all set to celebrate this festival on the 31st of October with great joy and happiness. Halloween brings happiness. From the very beginning of the October month, people start preparing cool costumes for this spooky festival. This is the most exciting time of the year, especially for the students. But even after so much zeal and happiness, there are some things that hold back students to enjoy this festival to the fullest. As soon as the students realize that they have to work on so many pending assignments, then cancel all their plans. But this year, you don’t have to do it anymore. BookMyEssay has brought its top quality academic assignment writing services to help students. The news doesn’t end here. We are offering an exclusive 10% discount on all of the writing services. Now you can shift the entire academic burden on our shoulders. We want you to enjoy this spooky festival with your family and friends. You know that Halloween is all about fun activities. It is celebrated all around the world with different traditions. But many people might not be aware of the historical significance of Halloween’s activities and traditions. Today, this blog would share some of the real facts about the unknown history of Halloween activities. So, give a good read to the further blog to enlighten your knowledge about the history of Halloween ceremonies.

History of Halloween Traditional Activities

Halloween was celebrated with many ritualistic activities and ceremonies since the time of its origin. Dressing up as the ghost is the most significant Halloween tradition. The Celts used to believe that disguising themselves as the ghost would keep the evil spirits away from them. According to their history, during this time of the year, the boundaries between the living world and the dead world get blurred. The spirits and ghosts of the dead people return to the earth. These people even use to build the bonfires to burn the bodies of dead animals as the sacrifice to their deities. So, the tradition of Halloween costumes and build bonfire is originated and based on the Celt’s believes.

More about Halloween Traditions

Another mystical ritual of Halloween is fortune-telling. People play many lighthearted and fun games to make predictions about one’s future. One of these games is called Apple Bobbing. This game is played on the All Hallows Eve. The Apples are used as the element that tells about the women’s suitor. The women are asked to pick the apple with her teeth from the bucket full of water. The apple picked by the woman represents the name of her future husband. In the 19th century, this game was played for matchmaking. Mirror-gazing is another ritual of Halloween. People use to look into the mirror to get the vision about their future husband. These are some of the important traditional activities of Halloween. Now, just forget about everything and get ready to celebrate this great festival with your family. BookMyEssay is taking responsibility to provide you the best academic writing guidance this Halloween. You don’t have to worry about your assignments anymore. We are here to assist you with your custom paper writing task. So, stop waiting and give us a call today! Get a 10% exclusive discount on all our writing services.


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