Different Types of Persuasion and the Way to Use Them

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Persuasion involves trying to convince someone else to align with your way of thinking. People use methods of persuasion across a range of applications, including in education and business. The various rhetorical strategies used to convince others are known as modes of persuasion, and if you’re ever responsible for persuading others in your career, then it’s important to understand them. In this article, we discuss the main modes of persuasion and how to use them effectively. Looking at any act where a speaker tries convincing another person or group, we might first see someone arguing a point. From debating in school to selling merchandise on TV, persuaders state a case to win over an audience in order for the latter to do something.

The persuader needs

a) an objective

b) an audience

c) to reach that audience with a message

Specifically, he/she has to persuade them, as opposed to an authority figure ordering them to do something. Aristotle identified the Types of Persuasion and they are as follows:-

Modes of persuasion are the methods a speaker or teacher can use to appeal to their audience. People often use the various modes of persuasion in everyday conversations as well as in their professional capacities. More than 2,000 years ago, Aristotle taught his students about four basic ways to convince an audience of a belief or concept. Aristotle was a famous Greek rhetorician, scientist, and teacher, and he emphasized the modes known as ethos, pathos, and logos.

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Ethos — Appealing to Ethics, Morals, and Character

Ethos: Ethos relies on credibility as the method for convincing others. You can establish credibility in a range of ways, such as experience or education. If an established and trained psychologist wrote a paper on the psychology that impacts anxiety and depression, the credibility comes from that individual’s experience and knowledge in the field. However, if that same psychologist wrote an article about cooking, they wouldn’t have the same assumed credibility in that particular field.

Pathos — Appealing to Emotions

Pathos: Pathos is a mode of persuasion that appeals to human emotions. Human beings feel complex emotions, and feelings can often trump common sense and logic in behaviors and actions. Due to the complexity of feelings, pathos is a powerful mode of persuasion that allows people to connect with one another and experience emotions. The feelings a person experiences can also motivate them to act differently or believe something to be true, making pathos very effective for persuasion.

Logos — Appealing to Logic

Logos: Logos appeals to the logical side of the audience members, and using logos can help establish the ethos in writing. Performing research is a good starting point when relying on logos as your dominant mode of persuasion. As you research a topic, you can glean information that will help you present it more logically to your audience.

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