Complete Information About the PH. and Rainbow Test

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 PH: It is a logarithm scale used to define the acidity as well as basicity of a solution. It is mainly in the negative of the base 10 algorithms of the molar concentration, measured in unit of various moles per liter of hydrogen ions. This is traceable to set the standard solution whose PH is maintained by inert nation agreement. All the value of the ph. is mainly calculate using the concentration cell with transference by measuring the potential difference between both hydrogen electrode as well as silver chloride electrode. We are also offering the best writing help service for chemistry assignment to the students because students need to the more practical work in this sector. That’s why they need the assignment help to write the best assignment.

Rainbow Test with Rainbow Test Tube:

All the colors need to mix until you have a complete rainbow. You need to use the growing color to make the rainbow in the rainbow test tube. You can mix the growing color and colour jelly-like crystal s then you need to make a layer with the crystal. You can easily see the colors blends and change in the plastic tube. You can easily get the scientific result with the help of these grow colors.
  • Need to collect the red, blue and yellow water jelly crystals. Yu need to put each of them on a separate paper towel and wait until the towel absorbs the colour with extra liquid. Then you need to use the baby soda bottle cap and now empty baby soda bottle.
  • Another step is to choose the colour, you can choose any colour like red, yellow. Suppose you choose the red colour, take a scope of red colour crystal into the baby soda bottle until the bottle one third’s full. Then you need to fill the bottle with blue colour crystal and complete the entire bottle with blue colour. After filling the bottle, you need to put tha cap on the baby soda bottle.
  • To get the result, you need to wait for sometimes then you will see the changes like red are going to mix with blue colour andblue with going to mix with yellow colour and soon. One by one you will pour the colour in the baby soda bottle. Always use this sequence to mix the colour.
  • Now time has come to see the perfect result, in term of rainbow, now you will see the change how primary colour mix with anothercolours and makes the secondary colours of the rainbow. Like orange, purple and green.
  • To get the better result in accurate form, you need to wait for days. After someday, you can see the perfect result in the rainbow test tube.
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