Chemical Engineering and the Opportunities Underlying in the Modern World Today

  Assignment Help  3rd Jun 2020

Chemical engineering is the process of studying the behavior of chemicals with an objective. The objective is to either solve an existing problem or create something new or innovative that can enhance efficiency in a particular product or service. A chemical engineer is not someone who would be confined to labs, experimental sites, in white suits or something, but chemical engineer today finds a wide applicability across several fields.

Sectors in Which Chemical Engineers Could Potentially be Hired

Environmentalist Chemical engineers today find utmost opportunities in the environment related projects or companies. Chemicals are creating toxic havoc in the environment and there is a need to safeguard the environment from the ill effects of certain chemicals sourced out of the factories and other industrial units. A chemical engineer determines ways to dilute the impact these chemical wastes could have on the environment. They also emphasize safety standards and look for arrangements that encourage highest safety standards. Food industry The second biggest arrangement that requires chemical engineers in bulk today is the food industry. The packaging of products, manipulating the shelf life and life cycle of a food product is really a chemistry subject. Have you ever asked yourself why chips contain air and how they are fresh even after days or months? The same does not happen with the chips made at home and it is stale just after a couple of days. This is, by the way, a common concern area where students seek chemical engineering assignment help. This science of storing using chemicals like nitrogen, working on new procedures to improve manufacturing of a food product is key roles of a chemical engineer. Estimate Salary Packages! After understanding the potential job opportunities, it is important to understand the money sciences. The pay scale for a chemical engineer throughout the world is very good. In the United States, an average salary of about $78,000 was published by a reputed and reliable US agency. The agency also had reports saying about 40% of existing chemical engineers earned about $118,000, which is a good pay scale. Similarly, a graduate in chemical engineering could expect €28,000 as a starting fresher package in the UK. Also, a report suggests, this field is going to grow at a consistent rate of 4% per annum in most countries. This healthy growth number gives more confidence and higher opportunities in the near future.

What do You Need to be a Good Chemical Engineer?

Chemical engineering is a 4-year graduate program which is what gives you a chemical engineer tag. Some reputed institutes also offer an integrated program of 5 years which includes the Master’s program too. People can also opt for research or Ph.D. later in their career. A program that offers an integrated internship with 4-year graduation could be an ideal choice for a good chemical engineering institute.

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