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  assessment writing help  3rd Jun 2020

Assessment for leaning simply defines as a technique by which assessment data is used by teachers to adjust their teaching techniques, and by students to adjust their learning technique. This process helps the students to get the detailed information about their syllabus. All the processes are interconnected to each other like teaching and learning. This is very powerful and useful process for the students. To get the better result, we are also trying to help the students by offering the best and reliable assessment writing help. So that they can easily get the advance information about the various subjects and prepare for their exams.

6 Types of Assessments of Learning:

  • Formative Assessments: This is the main part of learning as well as teaching. It gives the idea about the marks according to the students performance. This is not same as the final exam. This mainly defines the what is better about a piece of work and why it is useful for the students. It defines the complete importance of the topic and also defines the which topic is useful for the students.
  • Summative Assessments: This process validates the extend of learners success in meeting the pattern of assessments. This mainly used to measure the planned learning outcomes of a programme. This programme contributes to the final mark given for the particular module. It is also used to count the numbers, achievements as well as defines the main portion of the subject. This also delivers the main information about the topic that has formative value.
  • Integrated Assessments: This process is an assessment where the main errands and strategies are more closely associated to what you would experience with employment. The main purpose to design this process to enhance their skills and competencies alongside academic developments. To get the best assignment, teacher always use the planned strategies and information. Students can easily give these assessments on online portal as well.
  • Diagnostics Assessments: This is also same type of formative assessments. This is also design to enhance the students developments skills and knowledge. This is also an advance method to make these assessments powerful. The main point is that, the topics of these assessments already known by the students. So that they can simply get the complete information related to the topic.
  • Dynamic Assessments: This process is mainly used to measure the students achievements when the given information about the topic is unfamiliar. This also delivers the main and valuable point about the learning methods. It can be helpful to measure potential for particular learning in the absence of relevant prior attainment. This is mainly used in advance of the core body of teaching.
  • Synoptic Assessments: This is mainly encouraged the students to combine the different elements of their learning from various parts of particular programs. This is also defining the information about the particular topic and subject as well. Synoptic assessments basically enable to the students to show their ability to combine and apply their advance skills. They need to show their skills, knowledge and understanding about the relevant topic.
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