Australia is going to Observe Reconciliation Day on 28th May 2018

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Reconciliation Day is viewed as a public holiday in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) but not in other parts of Australia. From this year, i.e. 2018, this Reconciliation Day marks the starting of the National Reconciliation Week, which is a 7-day countrywide observance. This day was initially observed in the year 1996. The group which arranges the Reconciliation week aims to provide people across Australia the scope to concentrate on reconciliation between native and non-indigenous Australians. Every year, this week gets dedicated to a dissimilar theme and the previous themes involved “Let’s talk recognition in 2011. In the year 2001 it was “Keeping the Flame Alive”, and in the year 1998 it was “Communities Working Together”.

A Short History of the Reconciliation Day

The Reconciliation Day has got huge importance for Australia in recent times. On 27th of July, 1967 above 90% Australians elected in a referendum for the purpose of removing clauses from this nation’s constitution which distinguished against Torres Strait Islanders and Aborigines. Amongst them, there was an endowment which denied Aboriginal Australians’ citizenship status as they were separated in the census. This was considered as a discrimination among the natives. In late 1950, a growth of civil rights activism by the indigenous plus non-indigenous Australians decided to put an end to this discrimination and injustice towards reconciliation between the ethnic groups of this nation. In the year 1967, the result of the referendum established a resounding triumph for civil rights in this country. And still today, this event is being celebrated on the Reconciliation Day in the ACT and at the time of National Reconciliation Week in the whole Australia.

The Purpose that Reconciliation Serves

The ACT is going to observe Reconciliation Day as a public holiday.  The decision was taken when the bill to alter the Holidays Act got passed by the parties in the Legislative Assembly just a few weeks ago. The overview of this holiday means for the first time an Aboriginal plus Torres Strait Islander included in a public holiday in this country. This public holiday is likely to be observed every year on the very first Monday which is the Referendum anniversary date, i.e. 27th May. This holiday is going to substitute the Family and Community Day and by this, it is meant, the celebration of this year, which is on 25th September will be last celebration for this occasion. This movement was supported and applauded by Professor Tom Calma, Co-chair of Reconciliation. According to Professor Calma, this group has always been an extremely progressive group, they have participated in various social transformations and justice, thus, it is the right step taken by the country. According to him, this public holiday will make a shift to enjoy multiculturalism as contradictory to admitting Australia Day which happens on 26th January. This comes when three Melbourne Councils deserted the celebrations of Australia day. Hence, it is really applauding to celebrate reconciliation via a public holiday. This is going to air a positive message to the world as well. Australians believe that it is highly important to preserve reconciliation in the minds, actions, and hearts of every Australian. This further proves that every Australian plans to move forward, thus, creating a nation which gets strengthened by humble relationships between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and the wider Australian Community. Students who are studying Australia and searching assignment writing help on this topic then just click BookMyEssays website. We provide 100% assignment and essay writing service to students for any topic or any subject.


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