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  Assignment Help  3rd Jun 2020

What is Plagiarism?

It is the practice of making someone else’s work as your own and publishing it or displaying it in writing without the consent of the original author. It is often considered as stealing of someone else’s thoughts or ideas. It is an old practice in academics and journalism. Since it was declared a sinful act it is liable for penalties or even expulsion. Academic plagiarism is on the rise. It is actually the breach of copyright of an author.

Some Examples of Plagiarism:

According to the undergraduate plagiarism policy of the University of Pittsburgh’s a list of examples of plagiarism is given as follows:
  • If you are paying someone to do your work or purchase material, and translate from someone else’s material, it is considered as plagiarism.
  • Copying of the text without quotation marks (“”) without mentioning citation or source.
  • Use of translation software or online translators for translation of materials without any citation.
  • When you reorder the elements of the source text without any citation.
  • Paying to another for contributing to your work without any citation.
  • Copying of the pieces (sentences or key phrases) of the source sentences without any citation.
  • When you use your own previous material or another student’s material as new information without any citation.
  • Paraphrasing of already published material without any citation.

Six Ways to Avoid Plagiarism During Writing:

  • Paraphrasing: It is the rewriting of the information you have in your own words. Make sure not to copy more than two words in sequence. Use quotation marks when doing this to avoid plagiarism.
  • Citing: Citing is providing the information source in your writings. Mentioning of the author, date of publication or similar information is called citing. Citing is also according to the formatting guidelines followed by particular institutions.
  • Quoting: It is the mentioning of the information in a manner just as it appears. But avoid quotes exceeding 40 words as most of the institutions of higher learning do not accept it. So paraphrasing in a right order may be effective to avoid plagiarism.
  • Citing quotes: Citation of quotes is different from the citation of material which is paraphrased. Citation of quotes involves the addition of a number of the page, paragraph number etc of the quote.
  • Citing your own writing: When you have written something, using it again can be considered as plagiarism. You must use citations in your own work also. Take the text as someone else has written it. It is often mentioned as self-plagiarism and is not accepted.
  • Referencing: It is the mentioning of all the cited works at the end of the paper. This end page is called reference page. It includes author, publication date, title, and source.

How to Get Assignment Writing Help from Professionals?

Assignment writing without plagiarism is not easy. Even two words taken together can be taken as plagiarized. It is against ethics or moral values. Assignment writing help from professional writers can avoid plagiarism in your essay and assignment writing. Knowledge and effective writing skills are the best defense against plagiarism. BookMyEssay is one such help provider which provides 100% plagiarism free assignments. Assignment writing help from BookMyEssay can be taken as a professional and research-based help without any element of plagiarism.


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