Artificial Intelligence: It#039;s Changing the Higher Education System Abruptly

  academic assignment help  3rd Jun 2020

Artificial Intelligence or AI is changing the human activities that range from the daily chores to the highly-sophisticated jobs. The sector that has been affected the most by AI is higher education. It is just a matter of time when the high education sector shall also go through a major transformation. Within a few years, universities have changed beyond recognition. There is always a fine line of difference between a hero and villain and on many occasions, AI or Artificial Intelligence is on the side of a villain by taking away jobs from the economy. One study predicted that almost 47% of the jobs are in danger. But AI has algorithms that have been developed using training data, which is known as machine learning. This results in the better recognition of the pattern like when Google tries to predict what people are searching through the few typed letters. It ultimately means information automation similar to the way industrial revolution transformed manufacturing. Even the colleges and universities have automated jobs. Teaching in the classroom has a very low rate of repeatability. A very low amount is spent on instruction. This leaves a quite processes that can be automated by AI. The fields where AI can be applied and its advantages and disadvantages are the parts of various academic studies in science, technologies, and management. You can take professional assistance from BookMyEssay in completing any assignment paper of artificial intelligence. There academic assignment help service is now a popular name in academia.

Some Advantages of AI in Higher Education

AI can shape the future of higher education in a much better way. Some of the ways include the following:
  • Personalized learning- Universities ate using the artificial intelligence algorithms for personalizing learning and delivering the content that can suit the needs of the students. If adaptive and personalized learning platforms are provided to the students, it can bring significant change.
  • Moving beyond the classroom- With the development in AI, students can study wherever and whatever they want. Mobile phones and tablets will be the main delivery methods. Modern classrooms are now equipped with the laptops, multiple projectors, circular tables, flat screen monitors, and the whiteboards for encouraging active learning.
  • Smart campus- AI has the capability to change the colleges and universities to smart places for learning. The technology used is very simple- it is about connecting the devices via the internet and let do the talking. Smart classrooms shall also lead to the increased learning experience. When a classroom is connected to the internet, it can adapt itself to its personalized settings. Invigilating attendance and monitoring attendance shall become more robust. Universities shall be able to monitor the room usage, building alarms, and the parking spaces.
  • Performance monitoring- AI innovations shall be used in the universities through the block chains. This shall revolutionize the operation of universities because higher education will use it for opening up new learning opportunities all across the universities.
So, it may be concluded that Artificial Intelligence is a boon for higher education and not a villain as many people think. If you have any assignment on artificial intelligence which you find somewhat hard to work on, contact BookMyEssay immediately for the assignment writing service. This affordable but highly professional writing service can help you solve any kinds of assignments in any subjects.


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