Are the Marketing Methods Are Meddling Up? Rectify Them Immediately

  Assignment Help  3rd Jun 2020

 Can Marketing be Effective While Being Intrusive Advertising is getting more obnoxious, pervasive, and intrusive. According to a recent survey, consumers do not always prefer digital marketing. Pop-ups interrupt your browsing experience, auto play videos embarrass people frequently, you cannot read an article without scrolling a dozen ads. However, advertisements perform very well in many businesses. The fact is that customers do not hate ads but they hate bad ads or frequent ads. People feel stalked and interrupted by the bad ads but they like the good ones. Many people are introduced to new products through well-executed and well-placed advertising. Timing and placement matter. If you are a marketing student, you may get different assignments on how to make correct ads. Keep contact with BookMyEssay for Marketing assignment writing help and professional support.

Customers May be Resentful Sometimes

It has been observed that consumers mostly resent pop-up ads and the disapproval rating is almost 73%. Mobile ads are close to the pop-ups with a rating of 70% and in the third place, there are online video ads with 57% rating, which play before the actual content in YouTube, and others. The ways people should use marketing methods without becoming too intrusive are the following:
  • Use Data Judiciously- Consumers do not react properly when they feel that their personal information is utilized for generating a recommendation. On the other hand, they rate the advertisements high when they like the recommendations. Consumers may not like to provide data when they feel that the advertisers are benefitting from it in a negative way.
  • Justify Collection of Data- The marketers should explain the reason behind collecting the personal information and how it can be useful for generating useful and appropriate ads. This holds true when the consumers are not aware of why such information is essential. LinkedIn, for instance, justifies such a policy stating that they use data for supporting, personalizing, and also for making the advertisements more useful and relevant. Such disclosures help in preventing abuse.
  • Try the Traditional Methods- Marketers can gather information in an old-fashioned manner from the customers without any digital surveillance. They can resort to direct marketing where the consumers are asked questions directly. Gathering information or data from the consumers directly can be impractical and even costly. If the information needs to collect from the third-party source then the marketers can tell the consumers that the data will be used in a meaningful manner.
  • Transparency- There is a wide gap between full disclosure and full concealment. many people accept something in between. Marketers should provide information regarding how the data will be used. The disclosure should be easily accessible and be clear too. If the advertisement fails to deliver an explanation of why the ad is being shown, then the customer value will be zero. A commitment to disclosing the real intention can ensure that the data practices are ethical and consumer-centric.
Still, there are many things people really do not know how to respond to ad targeting and online collection of data. The norms of privacy may change with time because technology may penetrate deeper into your lives. Meanwhile, companies may apply various norm to predict the practices that consumers may accept. Lastly, we can conclude that advertisements should create value for all the consumers. BookMyEssay always provides the complete support to than students with Top-Quality assignment writing help Services 24*7. Students easily contact with our writers whenever they want because our team members give the best writing service day and night and after student will able to write good marketing essay.


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