An Introduction To Precis Writing and a Few Examples to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

  General  10th Aug 2021

Precis writing is a writing skill that teaches us to write any information in a precise form. It is the summary or the gist of any passage. Most of the time, you are given this type of writing skill as your assignments in school. This helps your teacher analyze your caliber for short and crisp writing.

Important of Precis Example

 If you see some Precis Examplesit will help you learn about them better. If you still don’t get about it and do not have much time to learn and then write it, you can buy our Assignment Writing Services. Our team will provide the best work to you and it will help you increase your grades.

Few rules

If you follow a few rules which are stated by the experts of our Custom Writing Help Service, you can write better precis writings and hence score better grades. You should understand the theme of the passage before anything. This will help you understand the topic much better. You should not copy anything from the passage. Only the important points should be highlighted while writing a precis. Your precis writing should be concise, clear, and of good quality language.

Examples: Here are some examples that will let you understand the topic much better. These Precis Examples are written by our experts. Given below are a few important points and our writers have taken these points and converted them into articulate and error-free precis writing.

  1. Important Points
  • Passenger and Car Ferry Estonia sank in the Baltic
  • The boat was well designed, had sufficient lifeboats, was inspected properly
  • It sank just a few hours after its voyage
  • 912 died, whereas only 139 survived
  • Women, children, and elderly people died, and majorly men survived

PRECIS-THE DEADLY VOYAGE: The unexpected Passenger and Car Ferry Estonia sank in the Baltic, only a few hours after its voyage. Its sinking remains an unsolved puzzle even today as the boat was well designed, carried adequate lifeboats, and was inspected carefully before its journey. Another mystery is that out of 139 survivors, most were men, whereas a majority of women, children, and elderly died, of a total of 912 deaths.

  1. Important Points
  • Dolphins are known for their friendly gestures
  • Dolphins community is more complex to understand
  • Their probability of communicating without words is high
  • They might even be more intelligent than men
  • The only superiority that humans possess is the power to kill dolphins easily

DOLPHINS- THE COMPASSIONATE BEINGS: The friendliness of dolphins has always been believed to be superior to that of humans. They are even supposed to be more intelligent and superior than mankind, but lack behind due to their weak physical strength. Further, their benevolent character can be witnessed in their communication process and the gestures they showcase towards other dependable members of the community.

Objectives of BookMyEssay

Our team of experts helps you write the best precis writing by using examples as shown above. You will clearly understand the format and techniques of writing a precis writing for better grade points. You can also let us write the whole precis if you think you cannot meet your deadlines. We will provide your precis at any given deadline. All you have to do is submit your topic and we will take care of the rest.


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