A Step-by-Step Guide To Writing A Great Research Proposal

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As with writing a marriage proposal, writing a strong dissertation or thesis proposal takes time. The task involves persuading someone that your idea is good, and winning them over to your plan. It should be something they can get behind. To achieve this, you need a well-planned, persuasive and appealing dissertation proposal. Now let’s get into the topic with the help of research proposal writing help service.

Research Proposal

An outline of what you propose to research can be found in a research proposal: a document that communicates your research proposal in a brief and concise way. It is the process of putting all the ideas that are swirling around in your head down on paper in a clear, convincing manner.

Research proposals can differ in style from institution to institution and from discipline to discipline, but here's a helpful 5-section structure for you to use. You can leverage these 5 sections to ensure that you present a convincing proposal that directly addresses the core questions we discussed earlier. If your institution already has a proposal template, you'll probably be able to benefit from reading on even if it overlaps. Throughout each section below, you must include headers and sub-headers (ideally numbered) to aid the reader in navigating through your document, and to provide them with a way to reference previous sections. 

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Title header: As the title of your research proposal, it should be a phrase that states your main research question concisely, possibly with a subheading that gives basic details on the specifics of the study. It provides a high-level overview of what the first-time reader can expect from the book. Make your title as clear and concise as possible. Your proposal will fill in the gaps of your title if you do not include every detail of your research.

IntroductionYou will elaborate on what you have explained in the title of your research proposal in a few paragraphs that provide further details about your research topic. What's important here is the topic - what are you going to research and why is it worth doing? Discussions about methodology, practicalities, etc. aren't appropriate here, you'll do that later. Among the topics you should cover are:

  • Introduce the reader to the key concepts and terminology associated with the broad area of research.
  • Explain your (narrower) focus area and why you chose it.
  • Objectives and goals for your project.
  • The question(s) you would like to answer (if applicable).

In addition, the language you use should be clear, concise and simple - don't use excessive jargon, acronyms or complicated language. In addition, the language you use should be clear, concise and simple - don't use excessive jargon, acronyms or complicated language. Writing that is easily understood and digested is the best writing. Be concise. 


In order to begin your research, you will need to identify its scope. Also, make sure you spell out what you will cover and, perhaps more importantly, what you will not cover in your research. In other words, you need to ring-fence your research topic so you can focus with great precision. 

In the interest of producing a comprehensive paper, students often try to cover as many topics as possible. However, this approach isn't necessarily the right one. Defining your scope enables you to dig deeper into your research, which is what will earn you good grades. Don't be afraid to narrow your scope if your scope is too broad; otherwise, you'll end up presenting superficial research (which will not earn marks).

Literature Review: In this section, you need to accomplish the following:

  • Make sure you have read your assigned readings and are familiar with the current state of research on your topic.
  • Your topic should be sufficiently unique and add value to existing research. Show that there is a gap for your specific research.
  • Explanate your methodological choice in relation to the existing research. Examples include scales and questionnaires derived from previous studies.

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Research Design: In your introduction, you should have clearly explained not only your intended research topic but also the existing research it will refer to (in the literature review section). Now you can explain how you will carry out your own research. Your research design, in other words. There are two critical questions you need to answer in this section:

  • What is the research design you will use? In other words, what methodology will you use, what sample will you use, how will you collect data, etc.
  • What motivated your choice of design? What is your specific research goal, objective, and question that fits with this approach?

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