6 Steps to Lewis Structure of N2

  Assignment Help   18th Oct 2022

It can be extremely difficult for a student to learn the key aspects of a Lewis N2 structure along with other molecular models. You don’t need to worry anymore about the very important Lewis structure n2 from the academic perspective and for further models.

The Lewis structure N2 (nitrogen gas) contains one triple bond between both the nitrogen (N) atoms. These nitrogen atoms have one lone pair on it. Due to its complexities BookMyEssay provides you with n2 lewis structure assignment help.

To understand the Lewis dot structure one must have to follow these 6 steps laid down by the expert professionals of BookMyEssay to assist you with science assignment help.

6 steps as follows:

  • Calculating the valence electrons: we will commence with drawing the Lewis structure of N2. This requires us to calculate the total number of valence electrons present in N2 molecule. By looking at the periodic table we know that nitrogen is a group of 15 elements. Therefore, 5 valence electrons are present in nitrogen. Since, the total no. of molecule is 2 we will multiply the valence electrons with it.

N2 molecule = 5(2) = 10

  • Make sure to select the least electromagnetic atom as the central atom, however in this case both the atoms we have are equally electromagnetic. We can assume any of the nitrogen as the central atom.
  • Representing a bond: to represent a bond between two atoms we must put two electrons in between them. This makes them an electronic pair and represents a chemical bond between them.

This makes them form a chemical bond together with each other in the N2 molecule.

  • Completing the octet on outside atom: since we have chosen the right side atom as the central atom, it makes the left side atom as the outward atom and this makes us do an octet on the left side atom. This will be done by placing 2 atoms on each side of the N atom respectively amounting to 8 (octet) formed.
  • Checking the central atom: after forming an octet on the outward atom, check whether the central atom have an octet or not, if not then move the electron pair from the outer atom to form either a double or a triple bond. The electrons are borrowed from the outside atom and once the central atom has 8 electrons it is stable and balanced.
  • Stability: after you are done with all the difficult part just check the stability of the Lewis structure by a formal charge. If the formal charge on both the atoms is equal, for instance 0 the Lewis dot structure is balanced and stable.

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