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Waveform represents how an AC or alternating current differs with time. A familiar kind of waveform is called a sine wave. The other common kinds of AC waveforms are the ramp, square wave, triangular wave or sawtooth wave. 

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What is a Waveform?

A waveform represents the signal as a wave graphically. This can be square-shaped as well as sinusoidal depending on the kind of wave. The waveform depends on the features, which define the shape and size of the wave. 

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An input used for creating waveforms decides the shape. A square-shaped wave represents digital information as 1 or 0. A sinusoidal wave shows the accurate variation, which happens in an output. It follows the mathematical function, which decides how they are allowed and represented to be interpreted by readers. Sinusoidal waves follow a trigonometric function, which enables them to take the present shape. A square waveform has a harmonic function. A waveform is used for representing different things in different scientific fields such as cosmology, math, biochemistry, and medicine.

Categories of Waveforms

Waveforms are divided into two groups and these are discussed in our Waveform homework help service:

Uni-directional waveform: This waveform is always positive or negative flowing in a forward direction as it does not cross a zero axis point. The common uni-directional waveforms are Clock pulses, square-wave timing signals, and trigger pulses.

A Bi-directional waveform: It is also known as an alternating waveform as it alternates a positive to a negative direction by crossing a zero axis. It goes through periodic alternations in amplitude along with the most common one being Sine-wave.

Whether a waveform is bi-directional, uni-directional, periodic, simple, symmetrical or complex, a waveform includes the common three features:

  • Period- It is the length of time that the waveform takes for repeating itself from beginning to end. Its value can be periodic time for sine waves or a Pulse Width for a square wave.
  • Amplitude- It is the intensity or magnitude of a signal waveform that is measured in amps or volts
  • Frequency- It is the number of times that a waveform repeats itself a second time. This is the reciprocal of Time with the standard frequency unit being Hz or Hertz.

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Common Waveforms

The common waveforms are explained in our Waveform assignment help:

  • Sine wave: It is the simplest kind of waveform that has just one fundamental frequency without overtones or harmonics.
  • Square wave: It is more complicated than a sine wave because it has extra odd harmonic content. According to its name, the envelope of this wave looks like a square. If viewed on waveform graphs, it is noticed that the amplitude changes instantly from the minimum to a maximum value. There is not any smooth transition as noticed in a sine wave.
  • Triangle wave: It can be compared to a square eave because it has a fundamental sound along with odd harmonics.
  • Sawtooth wave: It has even as well as odd harmonics and is the richest regarding timbre if compared to the other common waveforms.

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