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The expectation theory of motivation developed by Victor Vroom is a process explanation of motivation. It asserts that an individual's motivation is influenced by their future expectations.

Vroom Motivation Theory appears to be most appropriate to a traditional-attitude work scenario in which the employee's motivation is determined by whether they desire the reward on offer for performing a good job and if they feel greater effort will result in that reward.

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An Overview of Vroom Motivation Theory

According to Vroom's Motivation theory, conduct is the consequence of conscious decisions among alternatives with the goal of maximising pleasure and minimising pain. Based on Vroom's observations, an employee's performance is affected by personal characteristics, such as personality, skills, knowledge, experience, and talent.

Unlike Maslow and Herzberg, who looked at the link between internal requirements and the effort required to meet them, Vroom's expectation theory separates effort (which stems from motivation), performance, and results. He argued that a person's motivation is connected to their effort, performance, and motivation. To account for this, he employs the factors Expectancy, Instrumentality, and Valence. However, this is not all, there is much more to it, which you can look up just by clicking on Vroom Motivation Theory assignment help on BookMyEssay’s website and hire assignment providers.

The Three Pillars of Vroom Motivation Theory

Expectancy is the notion that greater effort will result in greater achievement, i.e., if I work harder, this will be better. This is influenced by factors like:

  • Having the appropriate resources on hand (e.g. raw materials, time)
  • Possessing the necessary abilities for the task
  • Having the required assistance to complete the task (e.g. supervisor support, or correct information on the job)

The assumption that if you perform effectively, you will obtain a valuable consequence is referred to as instrumentality. The extent to which a first-level outcome leads to a second-level consequence. In other words, I have something to gain if I do well. Factors such as:

  • A thorough grasp of the link between performance and results - for example, the rules of the reward 'game'
  • Put your trust in those who decide who will receive what outcome.
  • Transparency in the decision-making process that determines who receives what outcome

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Lastly, the emphasis that an individual place on the predicted outcome is referred to as valence. Over have a positive valence, the person must prefer achieving the objective to not achieving it. For example, if a person is primarily driven by money, he or she may disregard offers of extended time off.

The three aspects are significant since they are well defined: effort-performance expectancy (E>P expectancy), performance-outcome expectancy (P>O expectancy), and performance-outcome expectancy (P>O expectancy).

E>P expectancy: our judgement of the likelihood that our efforts will result in the requisite level of performance.

P>O expectancy: our appraisal of the likelihood that our effective performance will result in specific outcomes.

Importantly, Vroom's expectancy theory is based on perceptions, so even if an employer believes they have provided everything appropriate for motivation, and even if this works for the majority of people in that organisation, it does not mean that someone will not perceive that it does not work for them. When looking for academic assignment help, students should look for the best writing service available. BookMyEssay’s reviews will tell you why it should be your choice and why you can rely on Vroom Motivation Theory homework help online without worries.

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