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Volcanoes are openings in the crust of the earth via which volcanic ash, lava, and gases escape. A volcanic eruption is partially driven by immense pressure from some dissolved gases. Beneath the volcanoes, liquid magma that contains dissolved gases does rise via cracks found in the earth’s crust.

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The Formation of the Volcanoes

The earth comprises 3 layers. The crust is called the Earth’s outer layer, and where we live. It is nearly eighteen miles thick. Beneath the crust lies the mantle that is an 1800-mile thick layer. An integration of gases and molten rocks known as magma lies between the mantle and the crust of the Earth.

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The core is the innermost layer of the earth. Volcanoes are viewed as mountains that extend down to magma that is situated between the mantle and the crush. This is commonly a hole from which magma erupts. The term, “volcano” is derived from Vulcan. A volcano is similar to a massive safety valve that releases the pressure that gets built up in the Earth. If the pressure builds up, then eruptions happen.

Through the volcanoes, magma shoots up, and flows down the sides of the volcanoes. If magma flows out from volcanoes, people call it lava, and fresh lava can be extremely hot, as 2,200oF too that glow white or red when it flows.

Volcanic eruptions can cause avalanches, floods, and mudslides. These eruptions are capable of knocking down the entire forest besides triggering earthquakes and tsunamis. When a volcano erupts, then it spews massive clouds of volcanic ashes into the atmosphere, and the ash comprises little bits of glass and rocks. Volcanic ash is also capable of damaging the lungs. It also results in several respiratory issues for people when they breathe it.

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The Hazards Related to Volcanoes

There are several hazards that are linked with the eruptions of volcanoes, and all of them are varied and long, like toxic gas clouds, lava flows, ash falls, explosions, avalanches, pyroclastic flows, mudflows, and tsunamis. Besides these fast dangers, volcanic activities also create some secondary effects, like crop loss, changes to climate and weather, and property damage.

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Kinds of Volcanoes

  • Cinder cones – Cinder cones are the simplest kind of volcano, and they happen when blobs of lava and parties eject from volcanic vents. A cinder cone volcano hardly flows longer than 1000 feet above its surroundings.
  • Composite volcanoes – A composite volcano is the grandest mountain on the earth. It rises nearly 8000 feet above its base.
  • Shield volcanoes – Shield volcanoes are kinds of volcanoes that never have aggressive eruptions.
  • Lava domes – Unlike shield and composite volcanoes, a lava dome is of small stature. It is formed if the lava is very viscous for flows to a larger distance.

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