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Vapor-liquid equilibrium is an important term of thermodynamics that describes a chemical species distribution between the vapor and liquid phase. In general, the equilibrium vapor pressure of a liquid strongly depends on temperature.

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Meaning of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium

The abbreviated term of vapor-liquid equilibrium is VLE, which refers to a condition where a liquid and its vapor are in equilibrium with each other.

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In simple words, it is said that it is a state where the rate of changing vapor to liquid (Condensation) and the rate of changing liquid to vapor (Evaporation) are equal on a molecular level.

Why is Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Important?

The data of vapor-liquid equilibrium is useful to determine how liquid mixtures get separated. Liquids have various boiling points, one liquid can boil into vapor and the other one will stay as a liquid and can get drained.

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Factors that Affect Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium

Understanding the factors that affect vapor-liquid equilibrium is essential to know about the subject matter in depth.

Relative Volatility: Behind any type of distillation the basic principle is to separate two or more substances depending on their boiling points. The boiling point of a liquid can be defined as the temperature at which the pressure of vapor of a liquid is equal to the pressure given on it by the atmosphere. Each substance has its boiling point at which the liquid evaporates, leaving behind the higher boiling point substances.

Activity Coefficient: Surface tension is the force that is created from the attraction of each molecule at the solid or liquid surface that is inwardly directed. It requires more energy so that it can vaporize a liquid substance because it has to overcome surface tension. The lighter components of a mixture focus on the vapor phase and the heavier components concentrate on the liquid phase.

Solubility: The tendency of some specific substances to dissolve in another solvent such as solid, liquid, or gas to form a solution, helps to understand how well a substance can be separated through distillation. Solubility can be changed with the effect of temperature and pressure.

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Maximum achievable concentration: The concentration of a certain substance has always a limit that can be achieved through distillation. Any mixture can be refined only to the extent of maximum achievable concentration by repeated distillation, after that extent the substances cannot be separated even with distillation. 

It is very important to know the maximum achievable concentration of any substance so the parameters can be set for further refining methods.

Surface Area: The efficiency of a distillation column where both liquid and vapor are present, can be maximized by achieving the surface area to its optimum level. The amount of surface area increases with the spreading out liquid. It makes it much easier to boil and also enables the allowance for more contact between liquid and vapor molecules.

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